InstrucD TASKS for SIM courses on Canvas

InstrucD TASKS list

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InstrucD TASKS for SIM courses on Canvas af Mind Map: InstrucD TASKS for SIM courses on Canvas


1.1. Resources for creating assignments/ pages

1.2. Set list of classes to be taught

1.3. Info on H5P

1.4. examples of other course pages

1.4.1. Coursera take course online for free to see pros/cons of site, 2/1/20, take notes on elements I like, can we recreate

1.4.2. Yale

1.4.3. Udemy

1.4.4. Harvard

1.5. Nhi

1.5.1. create collection of graphics to use

1.6. *gather info on target audience (hard #s)--OPTIONAL, may be a simultaneous activity that Phillip/Chris work on?? But I would like to have a better idea of audience, hard data

1.6.1. demographics ministry/pastoral

1.6.2. create survey in Vietnamese/English--Nhu

1.6.3. greatest interests

1.6.4. What they want from online college?

1.7. LIST of most essential goals for soft launch classes (Mike/Kurt/Cindy/Nhu)

1.8. Gather info on ARCS for Vietnamese students

1.8.1. ATTENTION-what is best for gaining and keeping attention of students?

1.8.2. RELEVANCE-not so hard, class is relevent for SKILLS it will provide to student that they do NOT possess or ability to apply existing knowledge in new way

2. DO

2.1. Create template class pages

2.1.1. Landing page

2.2. Layout graphic content for all modules


3.1. List priorities for page elements-NHI/CYA

3.2. Shorten list of standards/learning targets for each module to top 3 then KEY Target for each module--with Kurt

3.3. skills to be mastered in Psych on DOK1 and DOK2 levels

3.4. curate questions to use in each module from Lumen

3.4.1. Multiple choice

3.4.2. Fill in the Blank

3.4.3. True false

3.5. Determine how many video/animations/quizzes we want to have per learning objective

3.5.1. IF 10 modules, 3 LObj per then 1 KEY OBJ per module

3.5.2. Hybrid of Mastery grading and percentage for grade

3.6. Create H5P modules for use in various classes but for 300-400 courses in particular


4.1. ensure/chk that all class elements are loaded

4.2. KURT/Mike--all content material to master skill is loaded/

4.3. NHI-all graphics chosen for pages

4.4. Review each classes material to edit and chunk material (most time consuming)

4.4.1. Study skills?? class

4.4.2. Learning How to Learn/Study Skills (Hybrid class or maybe just have them take it through Coursera-excellent class


5.1. Confirm target audience for soft launch product w/Mike/Tom/Phillip/Dr. Son/Dr. Linh

5.1.1. create timeline /deadline for completing project

5.2. experiment w/HOW to work through material for sample class

5.3. learn/experiment w/HP5 to create more interactive content/assessments

5.3.1. curate 10/32 types of interactions to try in H5P

5.4. work with Nhi to create 3 possible page layouts for start pages

5.4.1. work on color scheme

5.4.2. create uniform look for pages

5.4.3. create landing page

5.5. confirm list of skills/abilities UUC students are to master

5.6. hammer out details for grading system to be used--4 pt mastery based on percentage score of our choosing?

5.7. Take IDOL courses to help with creating outstanding page sequences/microlearning options

5.8. confirm list of skills/abilities UUC students are to master