Marketing Plan

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Marketing Plan af Mind Map: Marketing Plan

1. platform experience

1.1. facebook

1.2. instagram

1.3. youtube

1.4. twitter

1.5. pinterest

1.6. tik tok

1.7. vimeo

2. recruitment

2.1. update company hiring profiles

2.1.1. glassdoor

2.1.2. indeed

2.1.3. linkedin

2.1.4. ziprecruiter

2.2. create job descriptions

2.2.1. social media marketing skills needed strong communication skills trend forecasting analytics skills creative thinking new idea generation current up-to-date knowledge of all social media tools and platforms unique approach to conveying info online writing skills software experience marketing tools advertising tools

2.2.2. graphic design & video editing skills needed creative thinker visually creative ability to conceptualize complex ideas and create visual representations color theory UX/UI software experience adobe creative cloud suite

2.2.3. photographer/videographer/video editor

2.2.4. event planning

2.2.5. content writer

2.3. hiring

2.3.1. post job openings employment websites glassdoor fischer website fischer social media local job boards local internship and job fairs FGCU

3. target higher education

4. platforms & tools

4.1. Facebook

4.2. Instagram

4.3. social platforms

4.3.1. Facebook

4.3.2. Instagram

4.3.3. LinkedIn Company Page update information post info and announcements post job openings Fischer IAM group create active, engaged community centered around IAM Fischer employees update personal profiles (using Fischer profile template for consistency) engage often & consistently engagement join relevant identity groups

4.3.4. Twitter

4.3.5. YouTube

4.3.6. Vimeo

4.3.7. Pinterest

4.3.8. Slide Share

4.3.9. Snapchat

4.3.10. Tik Tok

4.4. linkedin