government issues

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government issues af Mind Map: government issues

1. disabilaties

2. drugs

3. migarant workers

4. robbery

5. homelessness

6. climate change

7. child poverty: child poverty is where kids are living with families that are poor or they don't have a home and have no education. child poverty is bad because the kids who live in the streets can't have showers or clean up so they could get a disease from not being clean and there are many more things about how child poverty can affect kids. child poverty affects 125,000 kids in only toronto. ward 13 has the highest amount of child poverty in all of toronto 45% of people live in child poverty.

7.1. how do people feel about child poverty?

7.1.1. people feel sad about child poverty because if they weren't poor they could have food every day.

7.2. what would you do if you lived in child poverty?

7.2.1. I would try and ask people nicely if I could have food or money to help my family.

7.3. what would you do to help kids in child poverty?

7.3.1. i would give children living on the street some food.

7.4. how does it affect our city's?

7.4.1. it effects are city because people might want to live in toronto but then see that kids are living in child poverty.

7.5. what is child poverty?

7.5.1. child poverty is when children live in low income families or are homeless .

7.6. how do you think people who live in child poverty feel?

7.6.1. i think people in child poverty feel sad because they cant live in a nice safe home and might not have any friends.

7.7. how can we help people in child poverty?

7.7.1. we can give food to kids who live on the street and give them blankets and money.

7.8. what are we doing to help people in child poverty?

7.8.1. we are helping by giving kids food water shelter so they can have a good life and not be scared to die

7.9. what is the government doing about child poverty

7.9.1. making shelters and making ttc free for kids under 12 so they don't have to pay to go somewhere

8. bullying