Professional Experience Health Work

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Professional Experience Health Work af Mind Map: Professional Experience Health Work

1. First Aid

1.1. Playground Supervision must carry first aid kit, fluro jacket, hat and whistle

1.1.1. Must fill in forms for student to receive ice, bandaids or other first aid resources from school sick bay

1.2. First Aid and CPR training

1.3. Monitoring Epipen storage

1.4. Administering if necessary and ensuring epipen is brought with students on excursions

2. Tissue provider

3. Triaging student before sending to the school nurse

3.1. UTI

3.2. Tick in eye

3.3. Rash

3.4. Blood nose

3.5. Playground bruises

3.6. Flu/Head colds

4. Negotiating with Parents about student needing glasses. Optometrist confirmed glasses needed. Parents refused to buy glasses at this time.

4.1. Liaising with Deputy Principal, Student, parents and Optometrist to ensure student received glasses.

5. Morning Mood Ratings to check in with students mental health each day

6. Counselling student who have been bullied or are feeling down mentally

6.1. Following up bullying incidents with other students and teachers.

6.2. Student social group discussions - gossiping, bullying etc

7. Dietary requirements

7.1. Monitoring if students have enough or any food for lunch and morning tea

7.2. Being aware and monitoring any food allergies

8. No hat, no play policy, sun safety enforcement

9. Healthy Tuck-shop Menu established by school and P&C committee

10. Out of School Hours Care (OSCH)

10.1. Sunscreen

10.2. Food

10.3. Hand Sanitiser

10.4. Medication

10.5. Physical and Mental Wellbeign of students

10.6. Communicating with parents

11. Australian Curriculum

11.1. Health Education

11.2. Physical Education

11.2.1. Friday Sport

11.2.2. PE lessons

12. Mindfulness and Breathing Techniques taught explicitly on assembly