Build a thriving business with launches

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Build a thriving business with launches af Mind Map: Build a thriving business with launches

1. Keep going, it's worth it for..

1.1. Reach a global audience

1.2. Consistent & Predictable Growth

1.3. Become the leader

1.4. No more making hard choices

1.5. Quit the dreaded J.O.B!

1.6. Work on passion projects

1.7. Financial Freedom

1.8. Inspire and motivate others

1.9. Impact your audience

1.10. Leave a legacy

1.11. Retire yourself!

1.12. Start LIVING the bucket list!

2. Typical Stages of a launch

2.1. Strategy

2.1.1. What are your launch objectives?

2.1.2. Create dream customer profile

2.1.3. Craft the irresistible offer

2.1.4. Which launch style works best?

2.1.5. Map out the launch plan

2.2. Warm up

2.2.1. Where are your audience

2.2.2. Craft launch content plan

2.2.3. Be consistent in showing up online

2.2.4. Create audiences of potential buyers

2.2.5. Test free content for engagement

2.2.6. Create a valuable freebie

2.2.7. Build & nurture email list

2.3. Build up

2.3.1. Plan launch content

2.3.2. Build anticipation

2.3.3. Prep launch event

2.3.4. Build up the excitement

2.4. The Event

2.4.1. Focus on creating an epic experience

2.4.2. Deliver on the launch objective

2.4.3. Show up as YOU

2.4.4. Build social proof

2.4.5. Build relationships

2.4.6. Create momentum and ride the wave!

2.5. Conversion

2.5.1. Transition to offer

2.5.2. Boost sales conversion

2.5.3. Show outstanding customer service

2.5.4. Show up, stay positive & keep up the energy

2.5.5. Maintain presence on all channels

2.6. Profit Booster

2.6.1. Recover lost sales

2.6.2. After-launch offers

2.6.3. Boost launch profits

2.6.4. Create momentum for next launch

2.6.5. Celebrate yourself

2.7. Serve

2.7.1. Rest and take a small gap

2.7.2. Debrief your launch results

2.7.3. Ride the wave of launch energy!

2.7.4. Put launch behind you and SERVE

2.7.5. Serve your non-buyers too

2.7.6. Plan next launch date

3. My Top Tools

3.1. Wordpress website to host products

3.2. Quicktime Player / OBS for screen recording videos for products

3.3. Thrivecart + stripe for payments

3.4. Lightworks / iMovie for editing

3.5. Dictaphone app - iphone app

3.6. Webinars - Zoom webinar / crowcast

3.7. Drip fed course - Learndash

3.8. Creative market for design assets

3.9. Etsy / istock / pexels for stock images

3.10. Membership - memberpress

3.11. for ebook design

3.12. fiverr for lead magnet cover design

3.13. mindmeister for mindmaps!

4. Launches are great for...

4.1. Free audience-building offers

4.1.1. Splinter off other products

4.1.2. Get research and data!

4.1.3. Test your product ideas

4.1.4. Build your audience

4.1.5. Nuture your tribe

4.1.6. Make it shareable

4.2. Low ticket offers

4.2.1. More hands off than higher ticket

4.2.2. Low ticket doesn't mean low value

4.2.3. Splinter off high ticket

4.2.4. Test high ticket ideas

4.2.5. Ebooks, templates, workbooks, mini-courses, online workshops, memberships, physical products, apps, subscriptions

4.2.6. First obvious step

4.3. High ticket offers

4.3.1. Start with high ticket first if you can for quicker profits

4.3.2. What's the transformation your audience want the most?

4.3.3. Start with live version first

4.3.4. Courses, masterclasses, programs, 1:1, memberships, services, masterminds.

4.3.5. No need for automation first time

4.3.6. Can simply sell over the phone

4.4. Irresistible one time offers & products

4.4.1. Flash sales

4.4.2. Exclusive Bundles

4.4.3. New products

4.4.4. Special offers

4.4.5. Seasonal sales

4.5. Subscriptions & memberships

4.5.1. Increase Customer Lifetime Value

4.5.2. Create brand loyalty and "forever" customers

4.5.3. Predictable & scaleable revenue

4.5.4. Convert low ticket products to membership

4.6. Joint Venture / Affiliate launches

4.6.1. Joint venture - selected partners

4.6.2. Affiliate - less selective

4.6.3. Partner with niche audience companies

4.6.4. No product? Sell other people's

4.6.5. Increase profits as part of sales process

4.6.6. Build relationships with influencers

4.7. Evergreen

4.7.1. Evergreen = always there

4.7.2. For products that need little support

4.7.3. For products with good conversion rate

4.7.4. For products with low refund rate

4.7.5. Build service process

4.7.6. Outsource support to VA

5. Why #WeLoveToLaunch

5.1. Huge profits and more ROI & ROE!

5.2. Sell in a way that feels great all round

5.3. Spend more time in your zone of genius

5.4. Launch new offers quicker and easier

5.5. Create multiple revenue streams

5.6. Increase your expert status

5.7. Passive income!

5.8. Feel more aligned with how you sell

5.9. Build amazing partnerships

5.10. OWN your niche

6. Your Launch Character

6.1. Voice

6.1.1. Values / Mission / Message / Unique Voice / Your Story - don't be afraid to be you

6.2. Give Value

6.2.1. Golden nuggets, solve challenges, share key lessons. Content: inspire, motivate, educate, empower and/or create awareness. Make it fun!

6.3. Visibility

6.3.1. How will you be seen by the people you serve in a big way? Get in front of them on their platform (don't try be everywhere) Be of service!

6.4. Stories

6.4.1. Be the lighthouse and show your tribe what's possible for them, close the gap between the result and where they are now

6.5. Power of why

6.5.1. Get clear on their desired result, their why and the importance of that why

7. You've got this!

7.1. "I'm not tech savvy"

7.1.1. EVERYTHING is teachable - just need to be willing to learn and invest your time

7.2. "I don't think I can do it"

7.2.1. Only cured by DOING. Everyone has self-doubt.

7.3. "I feel overwhelmed"

7.3.1. Start off with building your audience, and testing ideas with free content. Get the ball rolling and the overwhelm will fade.

7.4. "I don't know where to start"

7.4.1. Start at the first baby step!

7.5. "I don't have the time"

7.5.1. If you didn't have to work as hard as you do, would you have time then? Launch! :-)

7.6. "I've had failed launches"

7.6.1. We all have - but the only way you "fail" is if you quit. You can pivot and try again!

7.7. "I lack confidence"

7.7.1. Confidence is a bi-product of 2 things - getting brave and competency. Take small consistent actions

7.8. "I don't have a marketing budget"

7.8.1. It only takes 1 simple "phonecall or social launch" to create a marketing budget!

7.9. "I'm scared of failing"

7.9.1. Oh, but what if you succeed? ;) Let's focus on that!

7.10. "I'm scared of it working"

7.10.1. I know you were born for this!! Your audience need the gifts you have

8. Launch Styles

8.1. Phone launch

8.2. Email launch

8.3. Social launch

8.4. Challenge launch

8.5. Classroom Experience

8.6. Webinar launch

8.7. Video launch

8.8. Joint Venture / Affiliate launch

8.9. Segmented launch

8.10. Layered launch

8.11. Kickstarter launch

8.12. Evergreen launch

8.13. Summit launch

9. Mindset for success

9.1. Everything in is a test

9.2. It's not failure, it's feedback

9.3. Patience + consistency = results

9.4. Invest in yourself, invest in your business

9.5. The fear is guiding you to the right thing

9.6. We all have launch flops - brush it off

9.7. Your launch success / failure does not define you

9.8. Become a dedicated action-learner

9.9. Focus on serving, the money will come