Personal Project Goal Planning

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Personal Project Goal Planning af Mind Map: Personal Project Goal Planning

1. Goal 1

1.1. Purpose

1.1.1. It is important to know what measures have been taken historically, politically, and practically. This knowledge can be applied to new solutions for global healthcare and other problems such as drug crises, poverty, and unemployment.

1.1.2. How is this challenging? Access to global healthcare is, by definition, a global issue. This means that I will have to research across a variety of sources and sub-topics. Also, I will have to summarize and transfer the information in a concise and understandable way so that I can create a product to convey the information to the people at my school (or wider community). Finally, I will have to formulate my own opinion on the topic, and this will require me to research a wide range of perspectives.

1.2. Brainstorming

1.2.1. Things I can research: What countries have the best healthcare and why? How does politics influence access to global healthcare? e.g. Can a communist country provide adequate global healthcare to its citizens? Product ideas (mediums to convey information: Posters: They are easy to read and would be the best at conveying information to a large group of people. I could even sell the posters to collect money for donating. Posters might be hard to make, so they might take a long time to design, create, and print.

2. Basic goals

2.1. Goal 1: Research how we as individuals and as a society can achieve global healthcare

2.2. Goal 2: Donate 250,000 won to a healthcare charity

2.3. Goal 3: Learn basic medical skills

3. Goal 2

3.1. Purpose

3.1.1. One way to make a difference as an individual is to donate money to a charity. In order to fundraise the money, I will have to do fundraisers which in turn will raise awareness for the issue and inspire others to take action.

3.1.2. How is this challenging? Fundraising money is a long process. It requires planning, budgeting, and taking action. For this project, I will have to design a items that raise awareness for global access to healthcare, advertise those items, and finally sell them.

3.2. Brainstorming

3.2.1. Possible charities I can donate to: Last Mile Health: This is the charity that initially inspired me to choose this topic, so I would like to donate to this charity. One tiny downside is that the organization is currently only working in Liberia, so there isn't much of a personal connection. Ways I can fundraise money: Creating and selling stickers for 2000won... I would have to sell more than 125 stickers to reach my goal

4. Goal 3

4.1. Purpose

4.1.1. Global healthcare means access to healthcare for everyone. While I live in a country with relatively good healthcare, I can still contribute by learning medical skills that can be used in emergency situations.

4.1.2. How is this challenging? It will be a challenge to learn multiple medical skills as they are generally very precise and long. I will have to learn how to remember these skills as well, since I want to store them in my brain forever. Also, I am not very good at Korean, so simply the act of learning the skills here in Korea will be a huge challenge for me.

4.2. Brainstorming

4.2.1. Places I can learn this skills: Red Cross Korea-- I have to be at least 16 years to take classes on my own. Pharmacist (primary source): I can talk to a pharmacist to learn about basic drugs and their uses

5. Summary

5.1. Things I will do:

5.1.1. Make posters that raise awareness and spread information about global access to healthcare Create and sell stickers related to global access to healthcare; donate the procedes to Last Mile Health Learn basic medical skills from organizations, nurse, pharmacist, and online