New Sciences meet Old Wisdom - a first step

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New Sciences meet Old Wisdom - a first step af Mind Map: New Sciences meet Old Wisdom - a first step

1. Panelists

1.1. Torsten Jung

1.1.1. Moderator

1.2. Rupert Sheldrake

1.2.1. Biologist

1.3. Bruce Lipton

1.3.1. Cell biologist

1.4. Willigis Jäger

1.4.1. Benedictine Monk

2. Bruce Lipton

2.1. History

2.1.1. Started out as spiritualist

2.1.2. Moved into science

2.1.3. Started teaching the "Central Dogma

2.1.4. Stem cell experiment 1000 identical stem cells Split up into 3 dishes with different environments All 3 dishes formed into different structure - one muscle, one bone, one fat

2.1.5. Resigned from Wisconsin University as "heretic"

2.1.6. Found out that membrane of cell is the brain of the cell

2.1.7. Cell is a "liquid semiconductor"

2.2. "Central Dogma"

2.2.1. Our lived are derived from DNA

2.2.2. All your life has to do with the proteins

2.2.3. i.e. we are victims of our genes

2.3. New field of science

2.3.1. "Epigenetics" Epi = above "Control above the genes"

2.3.2. We can change our genetic programming

2.4. In our body, 50 trillion cells can live in harmony, work together, perform all necessary functions

2.4.1. The model of how we can live together exists in our bodies

3. Willigis Jäger

3.1. "Secondary Consciousness"

3.2. There is no "good" or "bad"

3.3. As a species, we must emerge from our self-centricity

3.4. Only societies that loved each other have survived

3.5. Basic tendency of the entire universe is love

4. Rupert Sheldrake

4.1. Hypothesis of "Morphic Resonance"

4.1.1. All things in nature have a memory

4.1.2. All self-organizing things in history have a pattern of repetition, the "Morphic Field"

4.1.3. Identical twins have most morphic resonance

4.1.4. Memory is not stored in brains, it works through morphic resonance

4.2. Minds of living things are interconnected

4.3. Examples

4.3.1. Rituals Why are rituals so similar around the world and between cultures?