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Mind Map by Mind Map: Mind Map

1. One Month Plan (January 2018)

1.1. Join a tennis team and start practicing again (Social & Physical)

1.2. Start being honest with my friends when I am feeling upset about something that they did (Social & Emotional)

1.3. Try to better my relationship with older sister (Emotional)

1.4. Learning how to drive (Social, Emotional, Intellectual)

1.5. Getting my learner's permit to start driving (Social, Intellectual)

2. One Year Plan (December 2018)

2.1. Become a Pharmacist Technician in order to gain experience for Pharmacy school (Occupational, Intellectual)

2.2. Start going to the gym three times a week with friends (Social, Physical)

2.3. Talk to my boyfriend about us moving in together and see how he feels about it (Social, Emotional)

2.4. Get over my fear of talking in front of others by taking a public speaking class (Social, Spiritual, Intellectual)

2.5. Getting my first car (Emotional)

3. Three Year Plan (August 2021)

3.1. Hopefully entering my sophomore year of Pharmacy school (Intellectual)

3.2. Doing an internship at a pharmacy or doctor's office (Intellectual, Occupational, Social)

3.3. Getting over my fear of heights by going skydiving (Spiritual, Emotional, Social)

3.4. Studying abroad if possible (Intellectual, Social)

3.5. Confront my family in Mexico because I have been estranged from them for a while now (Emotional, Social, Spiritual)