Itzel's Life Design Map

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Itzel's Life Design Map by Mind Map: Itzel's Life Design Map

1. Eat Healthier, increase exercise, loose weight to 145lbs (Physical, emotional)

2. Now (1 month)

2.1. Increase hiking to 4 times a week(Physical)

2.2. Attend to church on Sundays (Spiritual)

2.3. Find a part-time Job (occupational)

2.4. Control temper under stressful situations with daughter (Emotional)

3. December 2018 (1 Year)

3.1. Eat a healthy breakfast 1 a day (Physical)

3.2. Increase prayer to twice a day (Spiritual)

3.3. Apply to PA School (Ocupational)

3.4. Take American Sign Language course to be interpreter in the future

4. December 2020(3 Years)

4.1. Study Aboard in Europe (Ocupational, Intellectual, Social)

4.2. Graduate as a Physician Assistant (Ocupational, Intellectual)

4.3. Volunteer at a church event (spiritual, occupational)