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ME NOW by Mind Map: ME NOW

1. One Month

1.1. Exercise at least two times a week (Physical)

1.2. Save $10 dollars a week (Emotional, occupational)

1.3. Watch the sunset or sunrise at least once a week (Spiritual)

1.4. Try to smile at more people while walking to class (Emotional, Spiritual)

2. One Year

2.1. Go on at least one vacation/retreat (All Dementions)

2.2. Be more open with my boyfriend (Emotional)

2.3. Go on a hike at least once a month (Physical)

2.4. Start attending church regularly (Spiritual)

2.5. Join NSSLHA (Intellectual)

3. Three Years

3.1. Be apart of the SLPA (speech language pathology assistant) program at ASU (Occupational)

3.2. Apply for Grad School Programs (Occupational)

3.3. Volunteer at schools and observe speech pathologists at work (Occupational)

3.4. Become 100% financially independent (Emotional, Occupational)

3.5. Become a yoga instructor (Physical, spiritual)