Developing SAVA Qualifications (quals ideas)

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Developing SAVA Qualifications (quals ideas) by Mind Map: Developing SAVA Qualifications (quals ideas)

1. Quals in Energy Management

2. L 6 Diploma in Residential Surveying and valuation

2.1. Scottish Diploma in surveying and Valn.

2.2. Level 3 apprenticeship ( for levy firms)

2.3. Level 3 Apprenticeship ( non levy firms)

2.4. Standalone Valuation certificate for existing practitioners

2.4.1. Repackaging some existing content as stand alone CPD ( Wendy's study guide might help with this)

2.5. Standalone surveying certificate for existing practitioners

2.5.1. 2 levels of assessment? Existing qualification - newbies Revised assessment methodology - valuation surveyors who want to do homebuyers etc.

2.6. Assoc to MRICS conversion pathway (residential pathway)

2.7. Delivery partner - Bluebox

3. Level 3 Diploma in Technical Surveying for RSL ( Diploma in Building Surveying for RSLs ) levy paying apprenticeship

3.1. Level 6 Diploma in Residential Building Surveying

3.2. Level 3 Residential Building Surveying Diploma - apprenticeship for non levy/non RSL firms.

3.3. Assoc to MRICS conversion Building Surveying Pathway

3.3.1. Work with BCU to convert into a Degree?

3.3.2. Work with De Lever ( already offer Assoc to MRICS conversion courses)

3.4. Stand alone certificate/ Diploma in Fire Engineering ( Institute of Fire Safety Managers; Fire Industry Association; institution of Fire Engineers)

3.4.1. CIH qualifications?

3.5. Delivery Partner Bluebox - but they need to pull in additional skills ( eg. Richard Twine)

3.6. Review Lindsay's CV - possible candidate profile for this

4. Level 3 apprenticeship Diploma in Residential construction management/QS ? - Technical Surveying but for house builders?

4.1. New Delivery Partner (BB no 'construction' skills )

4.2. CIOB quals?