Project Silkville

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Project Silkville by Mind Map: Project Silkville

1. Game Vision

1.1. Art Direction

1.1.1. Art Concept

1.1.2. Target Game Screen

1.1.3. ADD Created

1.2. Player Experience

1.2.1. Mood / Tone / Feeling of the game

1.2.2. Key Design Pillars for the game

1.3. Product Remarkability

1.3.1. Single point of motivation for the game

1.3.2. Aspect of the game which will be remarkable

1.4. High Level Story

1.4.1. Who is the player

1.4.2. What is the player trying to do

1.4.3. What stands against the player

1.5. Tech Stack

1.5.1. Tools and Limitations for the game

2. Movement / Combat

2.1. Player Character Movement

2.1.1. Assets Player Character Type 1 Animation Character Model Visual Effects Audio

2.1.2. Functionality Path-finding / Collision Animation Blending Controls are implemented and Tuneable Mouse / Keyboard Game Pad Controller Camera Placement and Tuneing Variable Exposed Player Movement Speed Camera Distance Camera Angle

2.2. Combat

2.2.1. Assets Enemy Type 1 UI Assets Visual Effects

2.2.2. Functionality Basic Attack Controls to attack Melee Attack Ranged Attack Damage Calculation HP Reduction Weapon Modifiers Armor Modifiers Buffs or Debuffs Calculations Special Attacks Enemy AI

2.3. Character Stats

2.4. Enemies

2.5. Character Progression / Leveling Up

2.6. Special Abilities

3. General Game Functionality

4. World Creation

4.1. Level Creation

4.1.1. Assets Environment Models for World Props Visual Effects

4.1.2. Functionality

4.2. Game Progression

4.3. World Overview Map

5. Characters and Story

6. Inventory

7. Customisation

8. Stretch Features