Al - Buraq

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Al - Buraq by Mind Map: Al - Buraq

1. Relevant Facts

1.1. It is a donkey

1.2. It has a tail

1.3. Made of wood

1.4. half mule, half donkey, human face with wings

1.5. Al - Buraq is filipino

1.6. The model of the creature would be at gatherings

1.7. Wood carving is a major tradition in the Phillipines

2. Inferences

2.1. Inference: It had something to do with royalty.

2.1.1. Evidence: It wears a crown. Explanation: Kings and queens wear crowns.

2.2. Inference: It was a mythical creature.

2.2.1. Evidence: It has wings. Explanation: mythical creatures like a pegasus or a dragon have wings.

2.3. Inference: It was a god that people believed in back then.

2.3.1. Evidence: In many cultures they will make statues / models of gods. Explanation: If they made a model of the god they probably believed in it.

2.4. Inference: The mule and the donkey are both animals that the filipino like.

2.4.1. Evidence: The filipinos made a sculpture / model of a half mule half donkey animal. Explanation: If the filipino made this animal and brought it to festivals / gatherings they probably like the mule and donkey.

3. Civilization Inferences

3.1. Inference: The civilisation likes to gather.

3.1.1. Evidence: The model of the creature would be at gatherings or festivals. Explanation: If the civilisation made a creature for festivals they probably have several gatherings or festivals.

3.2. Inference: The filipinos are skilled sculptures.

3.2.1. Evidence: Wood carving is a big tradition in the Phillipines. Explanation: If wood carving is a tradition in the Phillipines then the people probably make sculptures a lot.