Information Security Organization, Roles and Phases

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Information Security Organization, Roles and Phases by Mind Map: Information Security Organization, Roles and Phases

1. Leadership Team

1.1. CEO

1.1.1. Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) or CSO Access Management Access Management Specialist Access Management Administrator Security Architecture Security Architect Security Engineering Application Security Engineer Cryptographer/Encryption Engineer Database Security Engineer Identity and Access Management Engineer Mainframe Security Engineer Network Security Engineer Unix Security Engineer Windows Security Engineer Security Operations Director Firewall Administrator/Analyst Intrusion Detection Analyst Penetration Tester Security Administrator Security Operations Analyst (Level 1) Threat Intelligence Analyst Virtual Patch Management Analyst Vulnerability Analyst

1.1.2. Privacy Officer

1.2. Chief Information Officer (CIO)

1.3. Digital Risk Officer (DRO)

1.3.1. Director of Risk and Compliance Manager of Risk and Compliance Risk Analyst Security Auditor

2. Security Program Stages

2.1. Stage 1

2.1.1. Initial Policy Development Standards Development Employee Education

2.2. Stage 2

2.2.1. Architecting Architectural Review Audit Compliance Assessment

2.3. Stage 3

2.3.1. Building Risk Management Security Operations Best of Breed Standalone Product Preference

2.4. Stage 4

2.4.1. Operating Solution Preference Security Product Rationalization Solution Suite Product Preference Threat Response Focus

2.5. Stage 5

2.5.1. Optimizing Managing Security Risks Managing Compliance Risks Threat Hunting Managing Threat Handling

3. Security Program (NICE) Workforce Framework

3.1. Analyze

3.2. Collect and Operate

3.3. Investigate

3.4. Operate and Maintain

3.5. Oversee and Govern

3.6. Protect and Defend

3.7. Securely Provision