Infrastructure/Cloud Protection

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Infrastructure/Cloud Protection by Mind Map: Infrastructure/Cloud Protection

1. Active Directory Defense

1.1. Aorato


2. Cloud/Virtual

2.1. Access Control

2.1.1. Avanan

2.1.2. Bitglass

2.1.3. Symantec

2.1.4. FireLayers

2.1.5. Managed Methods

2.1.6. Microsoft

2.1.7. Netskope

2.1.8. Skyfence

2.2. Cloud Access Security Brokers

2.2.1. Avanan

2.2.2. Bitglass

2.2.3. CensorNet

2.2.4. Ciphercloud

2.2.5. Cisco Formerly CloudLock

2.2.6. CloudScreen

2.2.7. Forcepoint


2.2.9. Managed Methods

2.2.10. McAfee Formerly Skyhigh Networks

2.2.11. Microsoft Formerly Adallom

2.2.12. Microsoft

2.2.13. Netskope

2.2.14. Oracle

2.2.15. Palo Alto Networks

2.2.16. Proofpoint

2.2.17. Saviynt

2.2.18. Symantec Formerly Elastica

2.2.19. Vaultive

2.3. Cloud/Virtualized Firewalls

2.3.1. Agent-Based CloudPassage Drawbridge Networks Illumio

2.3.2. Cisco

2.3.3. Citrix Xen Hillstone Networks Huawei Fortinet Palo Alto Networks

2.3.4. Hyper-V Fortinet

2.3.5. KVM Hillstone Networks Juniper Networks Palo Alto Networks

2.3.6. Openstack OpenFlow Fortinet Juniper Networks

2.3.7. Public Cloud Virtual Appliances Barracuda Brocade Catbird Networks Check Point Software Juniper Networks Palo Alto Networks PfSense Sophos vArmour AWS Check Point Software Fortinet Palo Alto Networks Microsoft Azure Check Point Software Fortinet Container-Based

2.3.8. VMware Environments API Integration Check Point Software Fortinet Palo Alto Networks NSX Fortinet Check Point Software VM Appliance Barracuda Brocade Catbird Networks Check Point Software Fortinet Hillstone Networks Juniper Networks Palo Alto Networks PfSense Sophos vArmour Huawei

2.4. Identity and Access Management

2.4.1. Centrify

2.4.2. Cloudiway

2.4.3. Okta

2.4.4. Ping

2.5. Microsegmentation

2.5.1. Bracket Computing

2.5.2. Check Point

2.5.3. Cloud Passage

2.5.4. Edgewise Networks

2.5.5. Fortinet

2.5.6. Illumio

2.5.7. Solarflare

2.5.8. vArmour

2.6. Software Defined Perimeter (SDP)

2.6.1. BlackRidge Networks

2.6.2. Block Armor

2.6.3. Certes Networks

2.6.4. Cyxtera

2.6.5. Deep Cloud (China)

2.6.6. Instasafe

2.6.7. Meta Networks

2.6.8. SAFE-T

2.6.9. Saife Inc!

2.6.10. Symantec (Acquired Luminate)

2.6.11. Tempered Networks

2.6.12. Unisys Stealth

2.6.13. Vidder

2.6.14. Waverly Labs

2.6.15. Zscaler

2.7. Emerging Technologies

2.8. Cloud Security Posture Management

2.8.1. Alert Logic

2.8.2. BMC

2.8.3. Caveonix

2.8.4. Cavirin

2.8.5. CheckPoint Software

2.8.6. Cloud Conformity

2.8.7. CloudAware

2.8.8. CloudCheckr

2.8.9. Cloudneeti

2.8.10. Cloudnosys

2.8.11. CloudPassage

2.8.12. Crowdstrike

2.8.13. DivvyCloud

2.8.14. Fugue

2.8.15. Lacework

2.8.16. Outpost24

2.8.17. Palo Alto Networks

2.8.18. Saviynt

2.8.19. Sophos

2.8.20. Threat Stack

2.8.21. Turbot

2.8.22. VMware

2.8.23. BitGlass

2.8.24. McAfee

2.8.25. NetSkope

2.8.26. Oracle

2.8.27. Symantec

3. Denial of Service Protection

3.1. Appliances

3.1.1. Arbor Networks Prevail APS

3.1.2. Check Point Software DDos Protector Radware OEM

3.1.3. Corero

3.1.4. Corsa Technologies

3.1.5. Fortinet

3.1.6. Genie Networks ATM Appliances

3.1.7. NSFOCUS

3.1.8. Radware


3.2. Security as a Service

3.2.1. HTTP/HTTPS Only DOSArrest Cloudflare

3.2.2. MultiProtocol/Network Akamai Prolexic Black Lotus Cloud Flare F5 Defense Net Incapsula Link11 Neustar NexusGuard Verisign Inc ZenEdge

3.3. Clean Pipe Services

3.3.1. AT&T

3.3.2. Verizon

4. DNS-based Threat Prevention/Detection

4.1. Standalone Appliances

4.1.1. Area1Security

4.1.2. Bluecat Networks

4.1.3. Efficient IP

4.1.4. Infoblox

4.2. Secure DNS Resolver Services

4.2.1. Akamai Formerly Nominum

4.2.2. Bluecat Networks

4.2.3. Cisco (OpenDNS)

4.2.4. Comodo

4.2.5. CrowdStrike

4.2.6. Cyren


4.2.8. Infoblox

4.2.9. Neustar

4.2.10. Quad9

4.2.11. Symantec

4.2.12. ThreatStop

4.2.13. Verisign

5. Network

5.1. Cross Domain Solutions

5.1.1. Advenica ZoneGuard SecuriRam

5.1.2. General Dynamics TacGuard Crossing Guard NanoXD

5.1.3. LockHeed Martin Trusted Manager

5.1.4. Tresys XD Air XD Bridge XD Guardian

5.1.5. Owl Computing Owl OPDS-100 Owl OPDS-100D OCDS-SFF

5.2. Enterprise Infrastructure VPNs

5.2.1. Apple

5.2.2. Array Networks

5.2.3. Aruba Networks

5.2.4. AT&T

5.2.5. Barracuda Networks

5.2.6. Centrify

5.2.7. Check Point Software

5.2.8. Cisco

5.2.9. Citrix

5.2.10. Cryptzone

5.2.11. F5

5.2.12. Fortinet

5.2.13. Google

5.2.14. Hillstone Networks

5.2.15. Huawei

5.2.16. Microsoft

5.2.17. MobileIron

5.2.18. Netmotion Wireless

5.2.19. Nexus Group

5.2.20. Palo Alto Networks

5.2.21. Pulse Secure

5.2.22. Sangfor

5.2.23. SecureLink

5.2.24. SonicWALL

5.2.25. WatchGuard

5.3. General Purpose Programmable Network Appliances

5.3.1. A10 Networks

5.3.2. Arbor Networks

5.3.3. Corsa Technologies

5.3.4. Noviflow

5.3.5. Radware

5.4. Network Access Control (NAC)

5.4.1. Host Based Agent Bradford Networks Extreme Networks Genians McAfee Symantec Trustwave

5.4.2. Network Based Aruba Networks Bradford Networks Cisco Forescout Genians Juniper Networks Milton Security Group Portnox

5.5. Network Deception

5.5.1. PacketViper

5.6. Network Firewalls

5.6.1. Open Source & Community IPTables IPchains PFSense Untangle

5.6.2. Router Firewalls A10 Networks Cisco Extreme Networks F5 Huawei Juniper

5.6.3. Access Layer Defense Cryptonite NXT

5.6.4. Commercial Firewalls Enterprise Multi-Function Firewalls Ahnlab Barracuda Networks Bluedon Check Point Software Cisco Forcepoint Fortinet GaijShield H3C Hillstone Networks Huawei Juniper Networks Palo Alto Networks SonicWALL Sophos WatchGuard Websense SMB Multi-Function Firewalls 443 Networks Bluedon Check Point Software CheckPoint Cisco Clavister Endian Fortinet GaijShield Hillstone Networks PineApp Rohde and Schwarz Sangfor Seqrite Smoothwall SonicWALL Sophos Stormshield Trustwave Untangle Venustech WatchGuard WINS TechNet LTD Carrier Firewalls Juniper Networks Fortinet Palo Alto Networks

5.7. Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention

5.7.1. Predictive Modeling Cyactive Greycortex

5.7.2. Signature Based AlienVault Snort BluVector Bricata CheckPoint Cisco Sourcefire Cybonet Enterasys Fortinet HP TippingPoint IBM McAfee Open Source Snort Symantec APT Network WINS TECHNET LTD

5.7.3. SCADA Radiflow

5.7.4. Next Generation IPS McAfee NSFOCUS IBM Trend Micro

5.8. Network Packet Brokers

5.8.1. Adara

5.8.2. Apcon

5.8.3. Arista Networks

5.8.4. Cubro

5.8.5. Gigamon

5.8.6. IXIA

5.8.7. Interface Masters Technologies

5.8.8. JDSU

5.8.9. NetOptics

5.8.10. NetScout

5.8.11. VSS Monitoring

5.9. Network Traffic Analysis and Network Forensics

5.9.1. Cloud-Network Flow Analysis Cisco Formerly Observable Networks

5.9.2. Flow Analysis/Metadata Extraction Arbor Networks BlueSapphire Bricata Cisco Formerly Lancope Corsa Technologies Cybonet Flowmon Networks IBM Kentik LogRythm McAfee Redsocks Redsocks Threat Defender

5.9.3. Forensic Capture with User Surveillance & Security Threat Analytics Access Data Cisco CTILab EMC FireEye Fluke Networks IBM IP Fabrics JDSU (Network Instruments) NetAgent NetResec NetScout Niksun Novetta Solutions nPulse Technologies Nuix Packetsled Palo Alto Networks Formerly Lightcyber Riverbed Symantec

5.9.4. Lawful Intercept Flowmon Networks IP Fabrics NetQuestCorp NetQuest | Netquest - Long-Haul / Metro Network Monitoring Access Solutions

5.9.5. Network Forensics Tools Alert Logic Formerly Click Security Awake Networks Corvil Decision Group INC Fidelis Cybersecurity FireEye Flowmon Networks Flowmon - Driving network visibility IPCopper IronNet Cybersecurity NetReSec NEXT Computing Niksun Protectwise Radisys RSA Utimaco Vivavi Solutions WildPackets

5.9.6. Network Forensics Tools as a Service (NFTaaS) CloudShark

5.9.7. Network Taps Optical Apcon DataCom Systems FibreDyne Gigamon Glimmerglass M2Optics Netoptics Network Instruments VSS Monitoring nTAP

5.9.8. Network Traffic Analysis (NTA) Amgine Securus Armis Awake Networks Boeing Celare Cisco Tetration Analytics Stealthwatch Core Security Core Security (Formerly Damballa) Cyber adAPT Cyglass DarkCubed Darktrace Eastwind Networks Empow Networks ExtraHop Networks Fidelis Cybersecurity Greycortex Threat Intelligence IronNet Cybersecurity Jask Novetta Solutions PacketSled Palo Alto Networks Formerly LightCyber Phirelight Qihoo 360 SkyEye RedJack SlashNext SlashNext Splunk SS8 Taasera ThreatTrack Vectra Networks Vehere WireX

5.9.9. Raw Network Packet Capture Apcon Riverbed Netfort Wireshark NTOP Arbor Networks Awake Networks Comworth Netfort WireShark

5.10. Network-Based Advanced Threat Protection

5.10.1. Firewalls with Malware Sandbox Capabilities Barracuda Check Point Software Cisco Fortinet Huawei Juniper Networks Palo Alto Networks SonicWall Sophos Watchguard

5.10.2. Appliance Based Malware Sandboxes AhnLab AMGINE SECURUS BlueSapphire Check Point Software Emulator Blade Cisco ThreatGrid ContentKeeper CoreSecurity Cyphort Fidelis Security Systems FireEye Fortinet FortiSandbox Huawei Firehunter LastLine McAfee McAfee Advanced Threat Detection Appliance NPCore Palo Alto Networks WildFire Payload Security Qihoo SkyEye ReversingLabs Symantec Techguard Security ThreatTrack Trend Micro Deep Discovery VeeDog VMRay WINS TECHNET LTD

5.10.3. Cloud/SaaS-Based Malware Sandboxes Binary Guard Check Point Software Cisco ThreatGrid Fortinet Huawei Joe Security Juniper Networks Lastline Netwitness Spectrum Palo Alto Networks WildFire Qihoo SkyEye Sonicwall Spamina Symantec

5.10.4. ML-Based Malware Detection/Prevention Appliances BlueHexagon BluVector CTILab GateWatcher Lastline

5.11. SSL Inspection Appliances

5.11.1. A10 Networks

5.11.2. Symantec

5.11.3. ResolutionOne

5.11.4. SourceFire

5.11.5. VSS Monitoring

5.12. Virtual Private Networking (VPN/SSL VPN)

5.12.1. IPSec VPN Concentrators Certes Networks CheckPoint Software Cisco Mako Networks

5.12.2. Layer 2 Encryption Certes Networks

5.12.3. Layer 4 Encryption Certes Networks

5.12.4. SSL VPN AhnLab Array Networks Barracuda Networks Check Point Software Cisco Citrix F5 Networks Fortinet Hillstone Networks Juniper NetGear Sonicwall Stonesoft WatchGuard

5.12.5. Multi-Path Dynamic VPN Secret Double Octopus Dispersive Networks

6. Network Anonymization & Consumer VPN Services

6.1. AnchorFree Hotspot Shield


6.3. CyberGhost

6.4. Dispel

6.5. GoldenFrog

6.6. HMA ProVPN

6.6.1. TorVPN

6.7. Okayfreedom

6.8. OpenVPN Shield Exchange

6.9. Private Wifi

6.10. Tor



7.1. Monitoring


7.1.2. Cyberbit

7.1.3. PFP Cybersecurity

7.1.4. Claroty

7.2. SCADA/OT Firewalls & Gateways

7.2.1. BAE Systems

7.2.2. Bayshore Networks

7.2.3. Check Point Software

7.2.4. Endian

7.2.5. Fortinet

7.2.6. NetShield

7.2.7. NSFOCUS

7.2.8. Tofino Security

7.2.9. Ultra Electronics 3eTI

8. Web/Email Protection

8.1. Browser Extensions

8.1.1. Anti-Phishing SegaSec

8.2. Email Security

8.2.1. Anti-Phishing Amgine Securus Area1 Security CloudMark Cymbel FireEye GreatHorn IronScales LookingGlass MailGuard MediaPro PerceptionPoint Phishlabs ThreatTrack Votiro Webroot ZapFraud

8.2.2. Secure Email Gateways Alt-N Technologies Amazon SES Cisco CloudMark Forcepoint Fortinet GWAVA iBoss IDESCI McAfee PerceptionPoint Proofpoint Re-Sec Retarus Return Path Seculetter Sonicwall Spam Experts Spam Titan Spamina Symantec Trustwave ValiMail Voitiro

8.3. Fraud Prevention/Web Malware Monitoring

8.3.1. Fraud/Bot/Webscrape Prevention Software RSA (EMC) IBM (Formerly Trusteer) Intellinx Appliances RSA Distil Networks White Ops Software as a Service Akamai BioCatch Distil Networks Guardian Analytics iovation iZOOlogic Kount MarkMonitor ShieldSquare ThreatMetrix White Ops X-Cart XTN Cognitive Security Virtual Appliances Distil Networks

8.3.2. Website & Ad Malware Monitoring Ad-Juster Globalsign Leverages Hackalert Hackalert McAfee Siteadvisor QualysGuard RiskIQ Sucuri

8.4. Secure Web Gateways

8.4.1. Anchiva

8.4.2. Barracuda Networks

8.4.3. Cisco

8.4.4. ContentKeeper

8.4.5. Forcepoint

8.4.6. GWAVA

8.4.7. iboss

8.4.8. McAfee

8.4.9. Re-Sec

8.4.10. Sangfor

8.4.11. Sophos

8.4.12. Symantec

8.4.13. Trend Micro

8.4.14. Trustwave

8.4.15. Websense

8.4.16. Zscaler