Security Operations & Incident Response

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Security Operations & Incident Response by Mind Map: Security Operations & Incident Response

1. Digital Forensics/eDiscovery

1.1. Content, File and Endpoint Forensics

1.1.1. eDiscovery Clearwell Kazeon Guidance Software Access Data Autonomy kCura FTI Technology Barracuda Networks

1.1.2. Mobile Devices BlackBagTech Cellebrite Compelson Labs Guidance Software MSAB NowSecure Oxygen Forensics Paraben Corporation

1.1.3. Endpoint Computing Systems ADF Solutions Access Data ArxSys BlackBag Technologies CRU Inc Ditto Forensic FieldStation Cyfir Guidance Software Magnet Forensics Nuix OSForensics Paraben Corporation WindowsScope X-Ways Forensics

1.1.4. Email Examination Systools Software MailXaminer Nuix

1.1.5. Digital Forensics Case Management Axxera D3 Security Digital Investigation Manager Guidance Software Intaforensiscs Sentinel Data Sirentech Wynyard Group

1.1.6. Memory Forensics FireEye Guidance Software Volatility Framework WindowsScope

1.2. Forensic File & Data Analysis Tools

1.2.1. Cellebrite

1.2.2. Cyfir

1.2.3. Intella

1.2.4. Magnet Forensics

1.2.5. Nuix

1.2.6. Systools Software

1.3. eDiscovery Services

1.3.1. Robert Half

1.3.2. Advanced Discovery

1.4. eDiscovery Software

1.4.1. AccessData

1.4.2. Guidance Software

1.4.3. Nuix

1.4.4. Symantec

2. Fraud Prevention/Web Malware Monitoring

2.1. Fraud/Bot/Webscrape Prevention

2.1.1. Software CallSign Digital Resolve Elastic Beam FeedZai IBM (Formerly Trusteer) Intellinx RSA (EMC) ShieldSquare

2.1.2. Appliances Distil Networks Elastic Beam Imperva RSA (EMC) Shape Security White Ops

2.1.3. Software as a Service Akamai BioCatch BotScout CallSign Digital Resolve Imperva FeedZai Guardian Analytics ACH/Wire Transaction Monitoring iovation Kount MarkMonitor namogoo NuData Security Shape Security ShieldSquare Signifyd LexisNexus (Formerly ThreatMetrix) White Ops X-Cart Zenedge

2.1.4. Virtual Appliances Distil Networks Elastic Beam Imperva ShieldSquare

2.2. Website & Ad Malware Monitoring

2.2.1. Ad-Juster

2.2.2. Globalsign Leverages Hackalert

2.2.3. Hackalert

2.2.4. McAfee Siteadvisor

2.2.5. QualysGuard

2.2.6. RiskIQ

2.2.7. Sucuri

2.2.8. The Media Trust

3. Incident Response Legal Services

3.1. Information Law Group

3.2. FoleyHoag

3.3. Ropes & Gray

3.4. Kroll

4. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Log Management & Analytics

4.1. Application Security Intelligence Engine

4.1.1. SAP iT-Cube Systems

4.2. Log Management

4.2.1. EventTracker

4.2.2. IGLOO Security

4.2.3. Intel Security McAfee Enterprise Log Manager

4.2.4. Kiwi Syslog Server

4.2.5. LogEntries

4.2.6. LogRythm

4.2.7. LogZilla

4.2.8. Logscape

4.2.9. Open Source Elasticsearch (ELK Stack) SEC (Simple Event Correlator) OSSIM Syslog-NG Octopussy

4.2.10. Sawmill

4.2.11. Splunk

4.2.12. Sumo Logic

4.2.13. Tripwire

4.2.14. XpoLog

4.3. SIEM

4.3.1. AlienVault OSSIM

4.3.2. CorreLog

4.3.3. Cybonet

4.3.4. EventTracker

4.3.5. Fortinet

4.3.6. HP Arcsight

4.3.7. Hexis Cyber Solutions Hawkeye AP

4.3.8. IBM Q1Radar

4.3.9. IGLOO Security

4.3.10. LogPoint

4.3.11. LogRythm

4.3.12. LogZilla

4.3.13. McAfee NitroSecurity

4.3.14. Novell Sentinel

4.3.15. RSA Envision

4.3.16. Sensage

4.3.17. Solarwinds

4.3.18. Splunk

4.3.19. Sqrrl

4.3.20. Tibco Loglogic

4.3.21. eIQnetworks

4.4. Security Analytics

4.4.1. Anomaly Analytics CTILab eMite Intel Niddel Prelert Theta Ray Versive

4.4.2. User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) Bae Systems Applied Intelligence Bay Dynamics Caspida Click Security CTILab Darktrace Detex Systems Exabeam FICO Fortscale GuruCul HPE Formerly Niara HAVEn IBM Infosphere BIG Insights Intellinx Interset Lockheed Martin Logtrust Microsoft Acquired Aorato Mobile System 7 Novetta Solutions Oracle Palerra Platfora Rapid7 Raytheon Reveelium SAS Institute Secureonix Splunk Veriato ZoneFox

4.4.3. Endpoint User Monitoring

5. Security Operations, Analytics and Reporting

5.1. Security Incident Response Platforms (SIRP)

5.1.1. Agiliance

5.1.2. DFLabs

5.1.3. Demisto

5.1.4. EMC(RSA)

5.1.5. Empow

5.1.6. Fido

5.1.7. Microsoft Formerly Hexadite

5.1.8. ID Experts

5.1.9. Proofpoint

5.1.10. ServiceNow

5.1.11. Siemplify

5.1.12. Syncurity

5.1.13. IBM Resilient Formerly Resilient Systems

5.2. Security Operations Automation Platforms (SOAPS)

5.2.1. Ayehu

5.2.2. Cyberbit

5.2.3. Cybersponse

5.2.4. Demisto

5.2.5. DFLabs

5.2.6. empow security

5.2.7. Fireye

5.2.8. Microsoft

5.2.9. IBM

5.2.10. Komand

5.2.11. LogicHub

5.2.12. Phantom Cyber

5.2.13. Siemplify

5.2.14. Swimlane

5.2.15. Syncurity

5.3. Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR)

5.3.1. Anomali

5.3.2. AtarLabs

5.3.3. Ayehu

5.3.4. Cyber Observer

5.3.5. Cybersponse

5.3.6. Cybraics

5.3.7. Cydarm

5.3.8. D3 Security

5.3.9. DFLabs

5.3.10. EclecticIQ

5.3.11. EMC(RSA)

5.3.12. IBM

5.3.13. Microsoft

5.3.14. Palo Alto networks

5.3.15. Proofpoint

5.3.16. Resolve Systems

5.3.17. ServiceNow

5.3.18. Siemplify

5.3.19. Splunk Formerly Phantom

5.3.20. Swimlane

5.3.21. Syncurity

5.3.22. ThreatConnect

5.3.23. ThreatQuotient

5.3.24. WitFoo

5.4. Threat Intelligence

5.5. Vulnerability Assessment/Management (VA/VM/SAST/DAST/PENTEST)

5.5.1. Crowdsourced Application Security Testing Platforms Hyver Applause Bugcrowd BugFinders Cobalt Crowdtesters HackerOne

5.5.2. Managed Penetration Testing Services Cenzic WhiteHatSecurity

5.5.3. Penetration Testing Software Core Security Rapid7 Metasploit Pro Metasploit Express Trustwave

5.5.4. Threat and Vulnerability Management (TVM) Acuity Risk Management Agiliance BeyondTrust Core Security CTILab Cybersponse DFLabs EMC(RSA) Exodus Intelligence Kenna Security Kornic Glory Lithik NopSec Recorded Future RedSeal Revolver RiskVision Risk Based Security RiskSense Siemplify Skybox Security Swimlane

5.5.5. Vulnerability Assessment Software as a Service Vulnerability Management Phish Testing/Management Network-Based Vulnerability Assessment (On Premise) Core Security CTILab Cybonet Digital Defense Fortinet McAfee Ncircle Netasq NSAuditor Outpost24 Qualys RandomStorm Rapid 7 Trustwave Mainframe Vulnerability Assessment Key Resources Inc. (KRI) Agent-Based Vulnerability Assessment BeyondTrust Qualys Secunia Tenable

5.5.6. Vulnerability Correlation Code DX Core Security Cybric Denim Group ThreadFix Kenna Security Kenna Security Neuralys NopSec NopSec Nucleus Security RiskSense Secure Decisions

5.5.7. Vulnerability Research CSC HP DV Labs HotWAN McAfee SecNiche Labs Sourcefire VRT Symantec VRLSec Vupen