Loyalty Relaunch

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Loyalty Relaunch by Mind Map: Loyalty Relaunch

1. When

1.1. March 15, 2018

1.1.1. Requirement Complete: 12/20

1.1.2. Creative Due:1/8

1.1.3. Production release : 1/25/2018

1.1.4. Email Send:

1.1.5. Soft Launch: follow-up

2. Why

2.1. Marketing and CRM are putting effort to redesign Loyalty Program that motivates her to engage and shop more frequently on Fabletics.

2.2. Improve retention and brand stickiness

2.3. 4.6% of forecasted 2018 repeat purchase revenue.

3. How

3.1. Adding 3 tiers, with qualifiers

3.2. Differentiated perks at each loyalty level, with new/better perks introduced at higher tiers

3.3. Revamped Loyalty Shop with fresh, new items and instant discounts.

4. Questions

4.1. Once redeemed, does a reward credit expire. If so when? I think this is probably edge case but an example would be someone has points that are about to expire, the redeem them for a reward card in the Loyalty Shop, but don’t immediately purchase. Bloomingdale’s cards expire after 90 days. I feel that our rewards cards should have an expiration date

4.2. Can reward card be used towards sale items. My POV – we should allow reward cards to be used towards all cash purchases. If we place too many exclusions around use, then could result in a bad user experience.

4.3. Can reward cards be stacked with other offers? Leanna, we discussed not allowing offers to stack – but Katty had some user experience concerns about this. So wanted to open this up for debate.

4.4. Can reward cards be used with member credit purchases?

5. Dependency

6. Who

6.1. Product Team

6.1.1. PM: Katty

6.1.2. UX: Alicia/Ary

6.1.3. QA: Richard

6.2. Dev

6.2.1. FE: Steffen

6.2.2. BE: Bruce

6.3. SET

6.3.1. Heather Lind

6.4. Business Stakeholder

6.4.1. Leanna/Tori SignOff Design Requirements

6.4.2. CRM: Hayley Accountable

6.4.3. CRM: Jenny Meeting Facilitator CRM Email Triggers

6.4.4. Marketing: Vicky Copies Assets

7. What

7.1. CRM and point based System Creation (SET DEPENDENCY)

7.1.1. 3 Tiers/Qualifiers VIP 0-999 points Gold 1000 points Platinum 2000 points

7.1.2. Cash reward - US 300 points = $3 700 points = $7 1200 points = $12 2000 points = $49.95 credit

7.1.3. Cash reward - EU 300 points = £(€)5 700 points = £(€)15 1000 points = £(€)25 1500 points = £(€)50

7.1.4. Promo Creation for Cash Reward CRM can set up the promo in the promo tool and we will work with our developer to define the promo to be converted from reward points

7.1.5. Points Structure (No changes to current program) $1 = 2 points Reviews - 20 points UGC - 20 points Points expire 1 year from date earned Have to re-earn status by spending X number of dollars ($200 for middle tier; $400 for top tier) in a rolling 12-month period (reference EN-2980) Member does not get points for membership credit charges (only with purchase) - $49.95 = 98 points Bonus points from promotions (e.g. Double Points Day) - Via Promo Tool Point reduction with returns

7.1.6. Transfer of current reward points (Reference EN-2979) reamap/identify tiers for current VIPs based on existing points

7.2. CRM Email Triggers

7.2.1. Almost at Next Tier (Triggered at 750pts and 1750 pts from next Tier)

7.2.2. Welcome To The Next Tier (Trigger + $20 Endowment)

7.2.3. Keep Your Tier for Next Year (This email goes out 60 days away from the end of their 12-month cycle)

7.2.4. Congrats, You've Made Your Tier For Next Year

7.2.5. Birthdays!

7.3. My Perks

7.3.1. BeneFits Points per tier Accumulated point history Progress bar for next level Benefits Chart How to Earn These Points Redeem Your Reward CTA Link to My Reward

7.3.2. Exclusive Workouts

7.3.3. Partnerships

7.3.4. Blogs

7.4. My Reward Page

7.4.1. Reward Shop Your current tier/points/you are x points away from x tier and how much time you have left Swag (Jewelry/partnered brand products- existing items only) - 3 items at each level Cash Reward Cards How To Earn More Points

7.4.2. Points History Your current tier/points/you are x points away from x tier and how much time you have left Points Activity/Date/Amount/Expiration

7.4.3. Tiers & Perks Your current tier/points/you are x points away from x tier and how much time you have left Tier Chart All other Perks

7.5. Navigation

7.5.1. Add My Perks with Benefits, Exclusive Workouts, Parnerships and Blogs as subnav

7.5.2. My Rewards should still live under My Account and be linked to from BeneFits Page

7.5.3. My Perks can be linked to from My Outfits My profile box

7.6. My Outfit with Member Status and Total Reward Points

7.6.1. Points expired - 1yr from earning on a rolling basis

7.7. Reward ATB at Checkout