De kalksteengroeves van Dayr el-Bersha

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De kalksteengroeves van Dayr el-Bersha by Mind Map: De kalksteengroeves van Dayr el-Bersha

1. Inscripties

1.1. From execration texts to quarry inscriptions. Combining IR, UV and 3D-imaging for the documentation of hieratic inscriptions

1.2. A 'verlan' scribe in Deir el-Bersha: some Demotic inscriptions on quarry ceilings

2. Geologie

2.1. Chemistry and technology of lime and limestone

2.2. remote sensing

2.2.1. Integrated Remote Sensing Investigations Of Ancient Quarries And Quarry Roads In The Greater Days Al-Barsha Region, Middle Egypt: A Study Of Logistics

2.2.2. Archaeological Three-Dimensional Recording and Reconstruction of Pharaonic and Christian features of the quarry complex of Dayr Abu Hinnis (Middle Egypt)

3. Kalksteen ontginning

3.1. Quarry Marks

3.1.1. Quarry Marks of the Amarna Period: The limestone quarries of Dayr Abu Hinnis

3.1.2. The Semiotics of Quarry Marks Applied to Late Period and Graeco-Roman Egypt

3.1.3. Quarry marks in Deir el-Barsha and the Logistics of Building Materials in Late Period and Graeco-Roman Egypt

3.2. Gebruik van de kalksteen

3.2.1. Stone for Amarna: The Use of Ancient Limestone Quarries in the Greater Dayr al-Barshā Region

3.2.2. The Limestone Quarries in the Wâdî Nakhla at Dayr al-Barshā. Qualitative Stone Material for Temple Building

3.2.3. Building in Egypt : pharaonic stone masonry

3.3. Algemeen kalksteen ontginning in Egypte

3.3.1. Stones and quarries in ancient Egypt

4. Algemene informatie over de site van Dayr el-Bersha

4.1. Deir el-Bersheh Preliminary Report

4.2. Djehoetihotep: 100 jaar opgravingen in Egypte