Predictive Analytics

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Predictive Analytics by Mind Map: Predictive Analytics

1. Interventions

1.1. inclusion of cognitive psychology expertise to guide online activity designs that make thinking visible and to aid interpretation of model

1.2. annotating data sets with theoretically motivated labels or semantic features.

2. Data Sets

2.1. Cognition, Metacognition,Motivation and Affect

2.2. Student Learning Interactions

2.3. In vivo experiments evaluate the effect of alternative course designs on robust learning outcomes.

3. Predictive Modeling

3.1. Data Driven

3.2. driven analysis of student difficulties

3.3. exploratory data analysis in addition to machine learning

3.4. simpler models with fewer parameters as well as highly complex models

3.5. use of explicit research questions to drive analyses

4. Impact on Learners

4.1. emphasis placed on student activity and scaffold student reasoning processes.

4.2. Data will improve the inferences that can be made from data, and thus lead to better instructional design decisions