Danneylle invites me to go shopping.

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Danneylle invites me to go shopping. by Mind Map: Danneylle invites me to go shopping.

1. Yes

1.1. We could have a lot of fun

1.1.1. Her mom might buy me things

1.2. Might end up having a sleepover

1.2.1. Movies Rent Lots of movies for less Theater New Releases

1.2.2. Food Order Pizza Out to eat Fast food Sit down

1.2.3. Stalk Miguel Torres Meet him Get fight tickets Get in trouble Cops Restraining order Receive Ridicule from my friends

1.2.4. Video Games NAZI ZOMBIES ALL NIGHT! Become a beast at COD.

1.3. Make plans for a future date

1.3.1. Become even closer friends

1.3.2. Go to an MMA fight

1.4. Run in to other friends and have a group outing.

1.4.1. Make closer friends with other people

1.4.2. Have a group sleepover

1.4.3. Tee Pee Skylar while she's at Danielle's house Get in trouble for vandalizing Skylar finds out it was me and hates me for it

2. No

2.1. I might not get offered something else to do and be bored.

2.1.1. Home alone, no friends

2.1.2. Not be able to do anything else

2.1.3. Hang out with my mom Not have fun Bond

2.2. Danneylle could be sad, mad, and alone

2.3. Our friendship could get rocky

2.3.1. Could cause a fight

2.4. She might go with someone else & have fun without me.

2.5. Go to another friend's house

2.5.1. Skylar's Go "negro" on Skylar's roof Get black Make fun of Skylar's whiteness Play left for dead Invite Lemon Head Eat pizza Domino's Pizza Hut Little Caesar's Go iPod on her leg.

2.5.2. Danielle's Spend the night Sleep in Danielle's bed Sleep Whoopie's bed Watch movies

2.5.3. Precious's Make Toast and Pancake Gravy Get ridiculed by her aunts Have a wonderful meal Watch Movies Fall asleep early Do random Crafts Make a shirt Make a blanket Get black Go on a mini-vacation Long car ride No cell reception Have fun times swimming Get yelled at by children on the playground. Do a coloring book.

2.6. Hang out with Quan

2.6.1. Watch movies Over 600 to choose from

2.6.2. Go shopping

2.6.3. Hang out with Alec End up babysitting Random car trip

3. Maybe

3.1. Danneylle could make plans with someone else and go without me.

3.2. Decide to go

3.3. Don't go