Consciousness Business

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Consciousness Business by Mind Map: Consciousness Business

1. Our attention is normally drawn to that which we can see (the effect), which obscures the importance of what remains hidden (the cause).

2. Consciousness business is about engaging in an occupation, work or trade in a mindful and awake fashion.

3. 3 dimensions

3.1. I Psychological and behavioral aspects. Happy people are much more productive. No engagement = no productivity.

3.2. WE Solidarity, trust and respect. To built a network of collaborative relationships.

3.3. IT Ability to achieve goals, fulfill a mission. Making money today and tomorrow. Essential.

4. Cause and Effect

5. Being, Doing, Having

5.1. Being We have less aware of the infrastructure (the being) that underlies processes and provides the necessary capabilities for their functioning

5.2. Doing forget the process (the doing) necessary to achieve those results.

5.3. Doing forget the process (the doing) necessary to achieve those results.

6. Be The Change

6.1. consciousness employee

6.1.1. Must have the necessary cognitive power, knowledge and technical skills to do the job. And also, to be productive, they need to communicate, negotiate, and coordinate in an effective way.

6.2. consciousness leaders

6.2.1. Without trust and respect, followers will rarely exert more than a minimal effort in the pursuit of the goals set by a leader.

7. it's not eassy

7.1. Awareness is not a one-time decision.

7.2. Staying conscious is an ongoing process that demands constant attention and commitment.

7.3. It is not what you tell people, is the way you leave your live.