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Take a Knee by Mind Map: Take a Knee

1. Football

1.1. "Several other players joined his protest, even though they received a lot of criticism from football fans who said that it was disrespectful to the United States. Still, the movement did not gain huge traction last year."

1.2. "Some football teams chose not to come out onto the field at all after Mr Trump’s comments, while other teams have allowed their players to protest at their own discretion."

1.2.1. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said he would bench any player on his team who takes a knee.

1.2.2. The Pittsburgh Steelers remained in the locker room as the national anthem played before their game with the Chicago Bears. Coach Mike Tomlin stood by himself on the sideline.

1.3. After Kaepernick first started the protest last year, he was criticised for introducing politics into sports.

1.3.1. A group of a few dozen activists with signs reading, "END POLICE VIOLENCE" and "BLACK LIVES MATTER" before kickoff, shouting chants and giving speeches through a megaphone.

2. Donald Trump

2.1. Mr Trump became a catalyst for the protest when he said during a campaign rally in Alabama, saying he wished that NFL players would be fired if at anytime they would kneel during the national anthem.

2.1.1. Since Trump has set the consequences for kneeling, NFL players link arms during the anthem.

2.2. Donald Trump's Response

2.3. Donald Trump will not stop bashing the NFL until there is no more players kneeling during anthem.

3. Colin Kapernick

3.1. Leader of protest

3.1.1. Started 13 months ago when Colin sat on the team bench during the american anthem at a preseason game. He later on in the season started taking a knee in protest.

3.1.2. "movement against police brutality, a move that has come to be something of direct resistance to Donald Trump after the President weighed in on the issue."

3.1.3. Colin said he was showing more respect to the Military Veterans

3.1.4. Kapernick- "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people, and people of color,"

4. The affects

4.1. Baseball and Basketball professionals are joining in on the protest.

4.2. "More recently, NBA players like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and others, helped the Black Lives Matter movement"

4.3. The 2016-2017 NBA Champion, Golden State Warriors, refused to visit the white house as their reward of winning.

4.4. Some Soccer Players joined in.

4.5. Four Kennesaw State cheerleaders took a knee in the tunnel during the national anthem at a Gardner-Webb-Kennesaw State game

4.6. One of the most famous basketball players, Lebron James called Donald Trump a "Bum" on Twitter. which has since been "liked" more than 1.3 million times. That puts it among the 20 most liked tweets of all time.

4.7. "I'm taking both knees," Wonder said. "Both knees in prayer for our planet, our future, our leaders of the world and our globe."