Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship

1. 6a

1.1. Alberta I.C.E

1.1.1. Child Exploitation

1.2. Common Sense Media

1.2.1. Digital Citizenship lesson plans For parents for teachers for advocates

1.3. Media Smarts

1.3.1. teacher resources

1.3.2. parent resources

1.3.3. student resources All different topics with grade selection for lessons

1.4. Cyber Talk

1.4.1. statistics of access to internet

2. 6b

2.1. Respect

2.1.1. yourself

2.1.2. intellectual property

2.1.3. others

2.2. What is Digital Citizenship?

2.2.1. media literate in the 21st century

2.2.2. confident & safe with technology

2.2.3. ethical issues identity self expression and identity unit privacy privacy and digital footprint unit ownership respecting creative work unit trustworthiness connected culture unit participation Digital Life Unit

2.3. Digital Citizenship: Teaching Students About the Safe and Responsible Use of Technology

2.3.1. consumers, creators and disseminators of information

2.3.2. helping kids us technology and think more deeply about it

2.3.3. ask kids how they use the internet

2.3.4. spread knowledge on importance of privacy settings

2.3.5. technology always developing - teachers have to adapt too

2.4. Netiquette

2.4.1. Digital etiquette link good for students use - interactive

2.4.2. Netiquette link Hate free zone proof read