Input device

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Input device by Mind Map: Input device

1. Definition

1.1. Allows users to enter data & instructions into a computer

1.2. Voice input

1.2.1. process of entering input by speaking into a microphone

1.3. Audio input

1.3.1. process of entering any sound into the computer

1.4. Video input

1.4.1. process of acpturing full-motion images

2. Keyboard

2.1. Contains keys users press to entar data instructions into a computer

2.2. Erginomic keyboard

2.2.1. Designed with ergonomic considerations to minimize muscle strain & a host of related problems.

3. Pointing device

3.1. Allows a user to control a pointer on the screen

3.2. Mouse

3.2.1. Fits under the palm of your hand comfortably

3.3. Trackball

3.3.1. A pointing device with ball on its top or side

3.4. Touchpad

3.4.1. Is sensitive to pressure & motion

3.5. Pointing stick

3.5.1. Shaped like a pencil eraser that is pressure sensitive

4. Microphone

4.1. Allow user to speak into the computer

5. Webcam

5.1. Allow user to capture videos & images,make video calls,broadcast live images over the internet

6. Touch screen

6.1. Sensitive to pressure,a user interacts with the computer by touching pictures or words on the screen

7. Digital camera

7.1. Allow user to take pictures & store them digitally

8. Terminals

8.1. Allow user to send data to receive information from a host computer

9. Game controllers

9.1. Directs movements and actions of on-screen objects

9.2. Gamepads

9.3. Joystticks & wheels

9.4. New Topic

10. Reading device

10.1. Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

10.1.1. Allow users to read characters from ordinary documents

10.2. Optical Mark Recognition (OMR)

10.2.1. Allow user to scans the hand drawn mark documents & matches the pattern of light

10.3. Barcode reader

10.3.1. Allow user to read barcode by using laser beam

10.4. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

10.4.1. Allow user to reads information on the tag via radio waves

10.5. Magnetic stripe card reader

10.5.1. Allow user to read the magnetic stripe on the back of card

10.6. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition(MICR)

10.6.1. Allow user to read text printed with magnetized ink

10.7. Biometric input

10.7.1. Allow user to authenticates person's identify by verifying a personal characteristic