Input Devices

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Input Devices by Mind Map: Input Devices

1. Keyboard

1.1. An input device that contains keys users press to enter data and instructions into a computer

2. Pointing Device

2.1. Mouse

2.1.1. A device that fits under your palm

2.2. Trackball

2.2.1. A stationary device with a ball on its top or side

2.3. Joystick

2.3.1. Pressure sensitive pointing device shaped like a pencil eraser that positioned between the keyboard

2.4. Stylus

2.4.1. Users use stylus on the screen to write,draw or make selections.

3. Digitizer

3.1. indigitilize real objects into a form that a computer can use

4. Microphone

4.1. Aloows users to speak to the computer

5. Webcam

5.1. A type of didgital video camera that enables user to capture video and still images

6. Game Controllers

6.1. Directs movements and actions of on-screen objects

7. Digital Camera

7.1. A mobile device that allows users to take pictures and store them digitally

8. Reading Devices

8.1. Optical Character Recongnition (OCR)

8.1.1. Involves reading characters from ordinary documents

8.2. Optical Mark Recongnition (OMR)

8.2.1. Reads hand drawn marks such as small circles or rectangles

8.3. Magnetic-Ink Character Recongnition (MICR)

8.3.1. allow user to read magnetic stripe on the back of credit cards

8.4. Biometric Input Device

8.4.1. allow user to authenticate personal identity by verifiying a personal characteristic

9. Terminals

9.1. allow users to send or receive data or information form a host computer