LGTB in our schools

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LGTB in our schools by Mind Map: LGTB in our schools

1. Hall Article

1.1. Homophobia

1.2. Pink Tigers

1.2.1. Organization of teachers, counsolers and others who teach LGBT lessons

1.2.2. Hard to organize lessons and teach them Teachers uncomfortable with teaching lessons "Could i use this in my classroom" "No" Teachable moments Politics (2004) Community GSA Gay Straight Alliances

1.2.3. More Equitable Teacher

1.3. Gorsky

1.3.1. Infusing sexuality into your teaching

1.4. Teachers are beginning to teach inexplicitly about LGTB moments in school.

2. Vaccaro

2.1. Classroom walls

2.1.1. Permeable Knowledge is transfered through to students

2.1.2. first time students encounter Norms

2.1.3. Outcubaters

2.2. Outclusive Curriculum

2.2.1. The lack of LGTB examples alienates students who fall into that category

2.2.2. Postcards from buster Tv show that teached english One family had a "lesbian" couple never stated they were engaged still asked to be taken off the air

2.2.3. Leaves of grass (Whitman) Famous poem taught in school Many teachers dont discuss the theme of male relations in the poem

2.2.4. Assumptions Judgement work such as learning a new language "Yo tengo novia" vs "yo tengo novio"

2.3. Inclusive curriculum

2.3.1. Family lessons

2.3.2. Literature that includes LGTB families

2.3.3. Interpretivation LGTB isnt scary and is non-threatening

2.4. Harrassment

2.4.1. Discrimination is a federal offense Civil rights issue

2.4.2. title IX discrimitory offenses

2.4.3. transgender students face more discrimination many afrent covered in their schools anti bullying policies

2.5. GSA's

2.5.1. help reduce discrimination "Face less homophobic remarks"

2.5.2. sometimes refused approval to organize and be heard

3. Issues facing the LGTB community


4.1. Studies on adolscents mainly ignore LGTB students

4.1.1. Establish School climate survey

4.2. Statistics of in class surveys by LGTB students