The power of mind maps

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The power of mind maps by Mind Map: The power of mind maps

1. Applications

1.1. Brainstorming (also collaborative)

1.2. Summarizing, collecting, structuring

1.2.1. Reading online

1.2.2. School Ch, Bio Chapters, M complex numbers, En King Lear etc

1.3. Planning and strategizing

1.4. Problem solving

1.5. Decision making

1.6. Note taking

1.6.1. Leo's audios

1.6.2. Watching videos

1.7. Memorizing

1.8. Presentations

2. Linear notes aren't effective

2.1. monotonuous

2.2. no overview, connections etc

2.3. hard to add

3. Mindmaps instead

3.1. Let you structure and link your thoughts (relationships, hierarchies)

3.2. Provide great overview

3.3. Enhance memory through mental triggers (colors, pictures, icons etc)

3.4. Easy & efficient (spartan words)

3.5. Focus (topic/goal always in front of you)

3.6. Enable free flow of ideas and more creativity

3.7. Simple to add things

4. How to

4.1. Start at 1 o'clock continue clockwise

4.2. hierarch, connect, structure

4.3. vary Colors

4.3.1. Background

4.3.2. Border

4.3.3. Lines

4.3.4. Text font, size, style

4.4. Insert icons and images

4.5. only write the first letter of Important Things in Capitals (or the whole word in CAPITALS)

4.6. Set a norm system for similar things

4.6.1. S 1 Level 1: FA dark Level 2: FA light Level 3: FB Level 4: FB border

4.6.2. S2 coloured background, lines darker background Level 1: FA light Level 2: FA dark

4.7. Link mind maps if they become too big