Educational Mobile Apps

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Educational Mobile Apps by Mind Map: Educational Mobile Apps

1. National Geographic Watch Nat Geo television shows and movies with this app.

2. 50 U.S. States Map, Capitals, and Flags American Quiz All states, capitals, flags and more to be quizzed over. What's not to enjoy?

3. World Geography Quiz Game Game will help you learn everything about a country.

4. Google Earth See the world simply by using your fingers!

5. Win the White House Run for the Presidency in this app.

6. Counties Work Develop your own local community on a daily basis.

7. Executive Command Lead the White House for 4 years as the President!

8. U.S. Citizenship Test Prepare yourself for the U.S. Citizenship Test!

9. Today in History Find out what happened today in history.

10. History Vault Stories as well as videos from History. Learn on the go!

11. History in Pictures Latest pictures of historical events from around the world.

12. History Watch full videos or find information from

13. ABC Watch ABC News directly from your phone or tablet as well as your favorite shows

14. BBC World News at your fingertips

15. CNN Watch Live News, Original CNN shows

16. Fox News U.S. and World News on Demand

17. History

18. Geography

19. Government

20. News Outlets