Someone begins bullying you amongst your peers

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Someone begins bullying you amongst your peers by Mind Map: Someone begins bullying you amongst your peers

1. 2. Explore The Alternatives

1.1. What is anything you can do about it?

1.1.1. Tell an adult

1.1.2. Ignore it

1.1.3. Talk back to them

1.1.4. Friends defend you

1.1.5. Keep it to yourself

2. 3. Consider Consequences

2.1. What are the positive and negative outcomes?

2.1.1. Tell an adult Bullying may stop Bullies may react badly and call you a snitch

2.1.2. Ignore it Bullies get annoyed and stop They continue to harass you no matter what

2.1.3. Talk back to them They stop messing with you They continue to harass you even more for talking back

2.1.4. Friends defend you The bullies stop talking Bullies start bullying your friends

2.1.5. Keep it to yourself Bullying continues

3. 4. Identify Values

3.1. What alternative reflects on your character?

3.1.1. Don't like confrontation Tell an adult

3.1.2. Shy when it comes to insults Keeping it to yourself Ignoring it

3.1.3. Extrovert around friends Friends will defend you

4. 6. Evaluate Results

4.1. What decision did you choose? How does it help you reach optimal wellness?

4.1.1. Tell an adult social wellness if they continue to harass you there is always the option to go back to the teacher, and explain how it hasn't stopped mental wellness the adult can be the one to help you go through any negative thoughts you're having occupational wellness as a mentor adults can check in, and they can see how you've been in school

5. 5. Decided and Act

5.1. What type of decision are you making? Why is it that type of decision?

5.1.1. Tell an adult delayed hesitant to tell any adults need it to be sure that it is a huge problem to you, before you tell an adult

5.1.2. Keeping it to yourself reversible At any point you can tell someone else

5.1.3. Ignoring it reversible you can stop ignoring it you always have the choice to acknowledge it

5.1.4. Friends defend you conditional They might talk to the bullies They might not talk to the bullies at all

6. 1. Define The Problem

6.1. What wellness will the problem might effect?

6.1.1. emotional wellness

6.1.2. occupational wellness

6.1.3. social wellness

6.1.4. mental wellness