Corruption in Somalia

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Corruption in Somalia by Mind Map: Corruption in Somalia

1. Providing life saving support

2. Economic safety

3. Building respect for the law

4. Protecting civilians

5. EVIDENCE (statistics)

5.1. 2012 World Bank report 2009-2010

5.1.1. $130 million or 68% of funds the government had received was embezzeled

5.1.2. Reliable

5.1.3. Primary Source

5.1.4. No bias

5.2. Transparency International annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI),

5.2.1. Ranked Somalia in last place

5.2.2. Reliable

5.2.3. No Bias

5.2.4. Primary source

5.3. 2011 a paper by the Public Finance Management Unit

5.3.1. $70 million in cash from Arab donor countries were missing 2009-2010 funds from Western nations mainly went directly to aid agencies

5.3.2. Reliable

5.3.3. No bias

5.3.4. Primary source

5.4. GAN Business anti-corruption portal

5.4.1. Reliable

5.4.2. A little bias They do not talk about improvment

5.5. Corruption data comes from either direct observation or perception surveys

5.5.1. Areas where people feel is most corrupt Political parties 65% Police 60% Civil Servants 57% Private Sector 45% Media 39% Military 34% NGO's 28%

5.6. Wikipedia

5.6.1. Reliable data

5.6.2. No bias as they write that there are people trying to help and somalia is getting better

5.7. Mind Controversy

5.7.1. Not very reliable

5.7.2. But semi-reliable as they dont give incorrect facts

5.8. Corruption Control in Post-Reform China: A Social Censure Perspective

5.8.1. Reliable

5.8.2. Based on the corruption in china

5.8.3. Information is real

5.8.4. Primary source

5.9. Aljazeera

5.9.1. Reliable

5.9.2. There is a bias as they focus on what solutions have failed

5.10. This issue is barley on the media

5.10.1. Lots of information on the internet

5.10.2. No ads to or ways to help

5.10.3. No ads on tv

5.10.4. No ads /talk on social media

5.10.5. No talk on the news

5.11. World economic forum

5.11.1. Reliable

5.11.2. No bias

5.12. Corruption watch

5.12.1. Reliable

5.12.2. No bias

5.13. The Econimist

5.13.1. Reliable

5.13.2. No bias


6.1. Who/what is affected by the issue?

6.1.1. The whole country is affected Who is harmed? Tax payers Business owners Citizens Anyone who is not corrupt International donors Who benefits? Corrupt people Bribers Corrupt Gouverment Corrupt military Corrupt officials People who break laws Terrorists

6.2. Why does this issue matter? To whom?

6.2.1. bribes=government officials tolerate illegal activities =violence and lack of peace

6.2.2. taxpayer avoid paying taxes

6.2.3. Government keep donor money for private gain

6.2.4. Limits government investment

6.2.5. Matters to citizens and businessess

6.2.6. Discourages private-development and innovation

6.2.7. Citezens may become bribers

6.2.8. Entrepreneurs feel intimidated

6.2.9. Destroys human prosperity

6.2.10. Corruption= riots/protests/violence

6.2.11. Lack of economic development Lack of peace

6.2.12. in effective control over the police force authorities are forced either to cooperate with violent groups or to arm themselves against threats

6.2.13. In the justice system in some countries politicians cannot be arrested So we need a soloution As corruption is unfair and immoral

6.2.14. Corruption=poverty

6.2.15. The Somali National Army leaders =inflated troop numbers=$$$

6.2.16. Gives a bad reputation for Africa Dfficult for international bussiness

6.2.17. Terrorists attack Somalia because of improper military Do not allow organisations to help citizens

6.2.18. Causes lack of education

6.2.19. Piracy

6.3. When/where/how did this issue begin?

6.3.1. Political instability

6.3.2. Poor country so some need extra money

6.3.3. No regular checks and monitoring in the political system

6.3.4. Political culture/traditional attitudes

6.3.5. Tradition of the rule of law

6.3.6. Low level of respect for the law

6.4. This is a very important issue!

6.4.1. Corruption=Poverty And imagine being a corrupt for 10 years Kids can't go to school Poor sanitation Food is hard to get .

6.4.2. Some citizens are captured and ruled by different groups of terrorists help provided by organisations is not allowed Citizens experience violence everyday Military can not battle as they have no funds Because of corrupt people in the system

6.4.3. Corruption happens all over the world

6.4.4. Imagine everyone you have to give money to is lying and stealing your money or risking your safety Very scary because then you can't trust anyone

6.4.5. Corruption Kills!

6.4.6. Corruption=hunger Corruption=death

6.4.7. Corruption= lack of education


7.1. Corruption is wide spread

7.1.1. Venezuala

7.1.2. Haiti

7.1.3. Iraq

7.1.4. Sudan

7.1.5. Etc.

7.2. Somalia has been the most corrupt country for 10 years

7.2.1. Therefore conditions have not gotten better

7.3. Coruption has been around since humans learned how to throw a rock

7.3.1. The Sale of parliamentary seats in England 1832

7.4. Some countries are improving drastically like greece 2012-15

7.4.1. But some need help e.x Somalia

7.5. Future Concerns

7.6. Corrupt authoritiy+bribe payer= tolerance of illegal acts

7.7. In some countries people report having paid a bribe to access public services

7.7.1. Education

7.7.2. Judiciary

7.7.3. Medical and health

7.7.4. Police

7.7.5. Registry and permit services

7.7.6. Utilities

7.7.7. Tax revenue and/or customs

7.7.8. Land services.

7.8. Problem for all corupt countries and citizens

7.9. All countries are at risk

7.9.1. As corruption is usually done in secret

7.10. Many things implemented to resolve corruption

7.10.1. International stakeholders established a joint financial management board

7.10.2. A parliamentary finance committe oversees all withdrawal transactions from the Central Bank.

7.11. Corruption is connected to.......

7.11.1. Economy Accidents Lack of proper justice Poverty

7.11.2. Enviroment Pollution Droughts Global Warming

7.11.3. Social Lack of proper justice Failure of genuine research Lack of quality service Poverty

7.11.4. Quality of life Poor health and hygeine Lack of proper justice Poverty Lack of education Malnutrition

7.12. The issue persists and affects citizens of somalia

7.12.1. UN prefers to fund NGOs more than gouverment Which allows government to selling visas signing dubious deals misusing revenues covering for organised crime and piracy, selling weapons diverting food aid

7.12.2. International donors are afraid to donate Gouverment is corrupt Will take take donation for personal gain

7.13. How corruption in somalia affects everyone

7.13.1. Corruption in South Africa has been damaging to the country’s reputation Creates obstacles for local and foreign direct investment for the flow to the stock market for global competitiveness, for economic growth distorted the development and upliftment of the people.

7.14. This issue is part of a larger trend

7.14.1. of Poverty

7.14.2. of Malnutrition


8.1. Social

8.1.1. Local Lack of proper justice Chances of unemployment Lack of respect for rulers Aversion for joining the posts linked to corruption Lack of trust or faith in the government Disregard for officials Poor health and hygiene Lack of quality services Terrorrisim Lack of education

8.1.2. National Lack of proper justice Poor health and hygiene

8.1.3. Global Lack of proper justice Lack of trust or faith in the government

8.2. Political

8.2.1. Local Public offices are bought and sold Corruption in public administration the inefficient provision of services It violates a basic principle of republicanism Erodes the institutional capacity of government Corruption in elections the legislature reduces accountability and distorts representation in policymaking Resources are siphoned off Undermines the legitimacy of government

8.2.2. National Corruption in the judiciary Compromises the rule of law

8.3. Environmental

8.3.1. corruption is not environmentally destructive

8.3.2. Local Authorities sign extractive projects with international companies in secret The selling of natural resource licensing Water supply Illegal trafficking of endangered species allowed for bribes

8.3.3. Global Pollution

8.4. Economic

8.4.1. Constrains economic growth

8.4.2. Inefficiant investments

8.4.3. Reduces economic performance

8.4.4. Car accidents

8.4.5. Decrease in foreign investment

8.4.6. Delay on growth

8.4.7. Lack of development

8.4.8. Differences in trade ratio’s

8.4.9. Increases the cost of business

8.4.10. Corruption in South Africa damage country’s reputation Creates obstacles for local and foreign direct investment for the flow to the stock market global competitiveness, economic growth distorted the development and upliftment of the people.

8.5. Actions that are being taken

8.5.1. Citizens Try and create awareness online Most citizens do not have sources to take actions

8.5.2. Gouvernment New Public Finance Management Policy Parliamentary finance committee established Public Procurement, Concessions and Disposal Act was passed Office of the Auditor General (OAG) established Utilising free asset recovery system supported by UNODC and World Bank Launched anti-graft Public Awareness Campaign Technocratic administration was appointed Signed a code of ethics

8.5.3. Around the world/Organisations/Businessess International stakeholders joint financial management board pledged support for Somalia's stable regions Organisations and websites for donations/help Action against hunger -> Save the children -> Unicef-> International Committee of the Red Cross -> CARE -> Aid for Africa ->

8.6. Some short and long term consequences of these actions

8.6.1. Short term Improper funding=Malconstruction Poor education Poor health system Illegal natural resource licenses Fatal accidents

8.6.2. Long term Poverty Bad economic reputation Mistrust in government Departure of citizen (smaller population) Illegal trafficking


9.1. Economic

9.1.1. International donors Does not trust the country‘s government Therefore not wanting to donate money to help

9.1.2. Econimists Claim corruption is the real culprit for a wel developped country Corruption will diminish gradually= no loopholes

9.2. Political

9.2.1. Corrupt gouverment Reward can be monetary Status Employment Freedom during war

9.2.2. Handy for officials' rent seeking

9.3. Enviromental

9.3.1. Without constant supervision on enviromental sectors Endagering projects can go under way

9.4. Social

9.4.1. Corrupt citizens Bribe giver and bribe receiver get benefits Somalia suffers from poverty Corruption= more money for family Voice most often not heard People assume they are bad for being corrupt

9.4.2. Non corrupt citizens Corrupt people steal their money Not fair losing jobs Injustice Waste of public resources Mistrust in the gouverment Inequality Unfair if they are already strugguling with money More defensible perspective because they are the victims The media focuses on the victims more People are easier at feeling sympathy than consider other perspctives

9.5. The media focuses on victims perspectives

9.5.1. When they should listen to all the other perspectives So that they find the cause of corruption and formulate a solution

10. Providing health care

11. Responding to malnutrition

12. Giving vaccines

13. Providing clean water

14. Running feeding programs

15. Providing incomes for families

16. protect the health of vulnerable pregnant women and nursing mothers

17. Improving hygiene and sanitation

18. Collecting donations