Jumpstart: Our National Parks

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Jumpstart: Our National Parks by Mind Map: Jumpstart: Our National Parks

1. Bryce Canyon

1.1. Hoodoos

1.1.1. Tall people My aunts

1.2. Deep "Canyon"

1.2.1. Breathtaking

1.2.2. Awe-Struck

1.2.3. Photo-like; Unbelievable

1.3. Sitting here in the cabin, I notice scrapes and dings in the wood floor that suggests movement and living. This cabin rented to us has been trodden through by many before and will continue to be worn down by many to come. It reminds me of the crevices we walked though not too long ago. A small canyon beneath our feet made for ants. I've always wandered why the clean freaks of the world have a heart attack when a scuff or bump adorns their flooring. It represents life and living. You've created mountains and crevices in your own home. Instead of attempting to grace the cover of "Home and Living," let your kid-like spirit roam free.

2. Cedar Breaks

2.1. Biting Cold

2.1.1. As cold as Vegas winters

2.2. Shaking Aspens

2.2.1. Magical

2.2.2. Isolated

2.3. Deep, Rich Mud

2.3.1. Lil' Slippery

3. Grand Canyon

3.1. Previous Experience vs. New

3.1.1. Helicopter Ride

3.2. 5. National Parks and Nature Quotes “The national parks seem destined to play a role in satisfying the longings of the people in times of great nervous tension through the calming and inspiring influence of nature.” --Stephen Mather At the time of our trip to the Grand Canyon, my home was terrorized in a horrific way. My friends were pierced, body and soul, during the attacks in Las Vegas on October first. I heard the news the day before I left for the Grand Canyon, and during the drive up, I found myself not able to sleep or pull myself out of the stupor of thought I was in. What a terrible thing to happen to my home, my sense of place was shattered. However, as the week went on, the sense of serenity and spirituality that came with being engulfed in nature began to heal my mind. I truly know that if I were in my dorm room, my mind would have been wracked with anxiety and agony. But I wasn’t. I was in nature instead, drying the tears in my eyes and tears in my heart.

3.2.1. The difference between Las Vegas and the Jumpstart program is immense

3.3. My hair already smells as smoky as it does on a week long trip for Girl’s Camp. The fajitas I made were burned black on the outside but icy cold on the inside. The juice tasted like home and dripped down my hand and chin. I’m finally warm, and my fingers can feel where the cool metal and soft rubber meets on my pencil.. The air is as cold as the coldest winter day in Vegas. The scenery is unfamiliar to me. All except for the ground. The dry pine needles remind me of Mount Charleston and winters back home.

4. Music Choices

4.1. Old Skin

4.2. Cello Song

5. Theme Ideas

5.1. Relationships between people

5.2. Compare and contrast sense of place between Vegas and Utah

5.3. Why is it so difficult for me to connect with nature?

5.4. Personal reflection and how I have evolved in the parks

5.4.1. Tayler

5.4.2. Evolution of animals compared to evolution of me

5.4.3. Pressures of the big city and how people perceive you If you don't go to parties, what are you doing in Vegas?