Application Software

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Application Software by Mind Map: Application Software

1. Definition

1.1. Programs designed to make users more productive and assits with personal task.

2. Web Browser

2.1. Allow users to access and interact with software from any computer or device that is connected to the Internet.

2.1.1. Proprietary Software Safari Internet Explorer

2.1.2. Open Source Software Mozilla Firefox Chrome

2.1.3. New Topic New Topic

3. Word Processing

3.1. Allow users to create and manipulate doucuments

3.1.1. Proprietary Software Microsoft Office Word Pages (Apple)

3.1.2. Open Source Software Writer KWord

4. Spreadsheet

4.1. Allows users to organize data in rows and columns and perform calculations.

4.1.1. Proprietary Software Microsoft Office Excel Numbers (Apple)

4.1.2. Open Source Software KCells

4.1.3. Usage : spreadsheet organization,calculations and charting

4.1.4. New Topic

5. Database

5.1. Allows users to create,access and manage a database.

5.1.1. Proprietary Software Microsft Office Access Oracle DB

5.1.2. Open Source Software OpenOffice.Org Base MariaDB

5.1.3. Usage : create student,employees database or book database.

6. Presentation

6.1. Allows users to create visual aids for presentation communicate ideas,messages and other information to a group.

6.1.1. Proprietary Software Microsoft Office PowerPoint Keynote (Apple)

6.1.2. Open Source Software Impress Showcase

6.1.3. Usage : create a presentation for teaching