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Work Phrasebook by Mind Map: Work Phrasebook

1. Code

1.1. class is derived from WebViewPage<T>

1.2. class obtains values - получает значения

1.3. aspect ratio - соотношение сторон

1.4. This is another MVC Framework convention

2. Demo

2.1. Open the meeting

2.1.1. Let's get started, then, shall we?

2.1.2. Let's the ball ralling

2.1.3. Thank's for comming everybody

2.2. Setting the agenda

2.2.1. The goal of the meeting...

2.2.2. Here are the points....

2.2.3. The purpose of the meeting is...

2.2.4. By the end of this meeting I'd like some kind of discision on this

2.3. Managing other speakers

2.3.1. Tania, what is your position on that?

2.4. Managing the discussion

2.4.1. We seem to be getting side-tracked here. (мы ушли от темы)

2.4.2. Can we go back to what we were discussing earlier?

2.4.3. Okay, so just to summarize what we've said so far

2.5. Assign follow-up tasks

2.5.1. Peter, can I leave that one with you? (можешь ли сделать?)

2.5.2. Tania, can you get back to me on that? ( поговори со мной, как будет готово )

2.6. Closing the meeting

2.6.1. I'm afraid we'll have to stop it there

3. Describe an Algorithm

3.1. when it’s making the determination of showing the flyout

3.2. proper way (надлежащим образом)

3.3. and UI just needs to know when to consume it

3.4. Also, regardless of the configuration, if ..... then .....

3.5. КОСТЫЛЬ· This is less invasive and less risky, but it is the literal definition of a “code smell”.

3.6. Независимо - Regardless

3.7. Соответствующий - appropriate

3.8. It is easy to do it conditionally (depending on EP configuration)

3.9. underneath the hood. Под капотом

3.10. our app could launch into an infinite loop - бесконечный цикл

3.11. Для того чтобы In order to update the view, Angular needs to track the change.

3.12. неявно - implicit

3.13. отслеживать - keeps track

3.14. the amount of time

3.15. запутанная часть/проблемная часть) - confusing part

3.16. An it never gets updated. - оно никогда не обновляется

3.17. Nobody updates it anymore.

3.18. Делать X в момент Y ( смотри пример)

3.19. appropriate (соответствующая) logic

3.20. (более подходящее место) this place is a more convenient one

4. Describe problem

4.1. The worst kind of problem

4.2. ... to do that would make this label consistent.

4.3. I have a basic knowledge about this framework. But I have used it in practice just for a few times.

4.4. "Оно так работало всегда" ? it has been working like this all the time

4.5. it will enable me to proceed to a deeper investigation.

4.6. (Не всегда воспроизводимая бага) Then I think we have an intermittent problem,

4.7. But it turns out that... (Однако оказалось, что ....)

4.8. I need the EP for displaying the text.

4.9. It crashes without any log.

4.10. All users except this one are ok (все пользователи кроме этого - ок)

4.11. Also I see that there are OTHER similar places maybe needed to be changed.

4.12. It is not reproducible... - это не воспроизводимо

4.13. ввв <b>dsad</b> asd

5. Effort estimations

5.1. to spend some time looking at the impact of....

5.2. The change will not be impactful

5.3. I am investigating effort and risks associated with this change

5.4. I would say it is done except of...

5.5. Remaining Estimate is...

6. Notification

6.1. I will notify you once the hot fix will be applied.

6.2. I apologize for the delay in response to your questions. (Извенения за запоздалый ответ)

6.3. напоминание о письме, на которое не ответили. Hi, this is a kind reminder. Could you please clarify on my questions below? Thank you.

6.4. Мы потестим это сами: we will test it ourselves.

6.5. Exactly - ТОЧНО!

6.6. I appreciate your work/help - ценю вашу работу.

6.7. I experienced this issue yesterday. - Я видел эту багу вчера.

6.8. I want to notice that - заметить

7. Requirement clarifications

7.1. (подскажите мне, должен ли я) could you please prompt me should I check a....

7.2. Anyone else recall ? Кто нибудь еще помнит (пытаемся вспомнить причины).

7.3. I don’t recall the reason why we created the labels to vary in this way. (не помню причину)

7.4. Please provide the information about....

7.5. From a business perspective - с точки зрения бизнеса

7.6. I will let you know if anything is required.

7.7. Please provide a test participant.

7.8. Я не понял - I didn’t catch

7.9. Does it make sense ( Do you understand) .

7.10. It makes sense - это стоит сделать. Это рационально! (Хорошая идея. Good idea).

7.11. Does it make sense? Это понятно?

7.12. I was multi tasking. please repeat. (если отвлекся и не услышал)

7.13. Let me know if you have additional questions or concerns

8. StandUp

8.1. Host StandUp

8.1.1. lets get the ball rolling

8.1.2. Chandra go ahead.

8.1.3. Let’s switch to the parking lot.

8.1.4. Would you like to go next?

8.1.5. Let’s jump to the QA team

8.1.6. Now I am going to share my status

8.1.7. Jorie, let’s begin with your item.

8.1.8. Dave, would you like to share your status?

8.1.9. I will start from my update

8.1.10. Let's move one NAME

8.2. Status

8.2.1. My main focus is on...

8.2.2. I was working on...

8.2.3. Remaining time is....

8.2.4. Also spend time a litle bit on...

8.2.5. I was involved in the process of .... (вовлечен)

8.2.6. I transferred some knowledge to somebody.

8.2.7. I transferred some knowledge to somebody.

8.2.8. I shared information about...

8.2.9. I get information about userstory from ....,

8.2.10. I`m available for new tasks (жду новых задач)

8.2.11. I`m ready to switch to other tasks please advise which have the highest priority

8.2.12. Investigate - исследовать

8.2.13. I was distracted - меня отвлекли

9. Suggestions/assumptions

9.1. I have implemented the user story with the following assumptions:

9.2. Плюсы и минусы - pros and cons

9.3. I think it’s worth a try! Думаю, это стоит попробовать

9.4. To my mind it will be better…

9.5. I would suggest to change this method.

9.6. My idea is to change this method.

9.7. assumption - предположение assume - предполагать.

10. Team

10.1. I want to introduce a new team member ...

10.2. Team member is sick (See attach)

11. Terms

11.1. Dimension - измерение

12. Work day information

12.1. today I need to go earlier, in 30 mins so if you need anything from me, please let me know in an email

12.2. (Ты все еще здесь?) You still around?

13. People requirements

13.1. At least 1-2 years of experience in .NET applications programming; Experience in C#.NET, ASP.NET (at least 4.5.1), JavaScript; Practical experience in Oracle or MS SQL Server programming, including stored procedures/functions/triggers; Bachelor or equivalent technical degree; Strong communication and collaboration skills: an ability to work with U.S.-based team members; Ability to clearly explain the current state of development and current problems; Good spoken and written English. Desirable skills and experience: Angular 5+ experience; Oracle DB knowledge; Agile methodology knowledge (SCRUM or other); Experience with building loosely coupled application with DI frameworks or message buses; Experience with distributed source control systems (Git, Mercurial, SVN, etc.) or at least centralized SCCs (TFS, Perforce, etc.).