Touring Chicago

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Touring Chicago by Mind Map: Touring Chicago

1. Home

1.1. The home page will include the main attractions of Chicago and the pictures and details will grab their attention to make them click on more tabs.

2. About Me

2.1. I. myself, am from Chicago and I want people to see all the wonderful things Chicago has to offer from museums, beaches, architecture, food, and the wonderful history about the city.

3. Contact

3.1. To contact me my email will be on the bottom of the website for any comments, questions, and how you can get involved with the website.

4. What We Offer

4.1. We offer fun activities to do in Chicago, from the downtown setting to the north side to the south side. The events will include free events and events you have to pay for.

4.1.1. For children the ages of 10 and under, will be a tab of events just for you including, free days at the museum, festivals for young children, and concerts for them.

4.1.2. For people ages 11-15 there will be another tab with events that interest that age group such as festivals and concerts.

4.1.3. For the age group of 16-20 there will be a tab for them with anything happening at the beaches, free events, and when music festivals are happening.

4.1.4. For the age group of 21+ there will be a tab including bar crawls, movies in the park, beer festivals, and music festivals.

5. Ways You Can Get Involved

5.1. My email will be on the bottom of the page and in the about me tab. You can email me if you find any events that aren't on the website and any pictures you took that you want on the website!!

5.1.1. If you are over the age of 18, you can volunteer at some events, take pictures, and promote our website.