Resource management tool

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Resource management tool by Mind Map: Resource management tool

1. User login using valid user name and password

2. user creation

3. Dashboard

3.1. Access based/ user level based dashboard view

3.2. Resource utilization and availability summaries in graphical format

3.3. Current month practice wise resource availability

3.4. Resource hiring requirement summary for current and upcoming month

3.5. Team member dashboard view

3.6. Customizable Dashboards

3.6.1. Business Intelligence

4. Authentication

4.1. Login using identity provider sign-in details (Google)

4.2. successfully logout

4.3. Session Management

4.4. Forgot Password

4.5. Different Access levels

5. Project Planning

5.1. Client Account

5.1.1. Add New Client Account

5.1.2. Search Client Account View selected/ searched client account details

5.1.3. View all Client Accounts

5.1.4. Edit Client Accounts

5.1.5. Tag client accounts as deactivated

5.2. Projects

5.2.1. View projects listed under accounts View resources allocated for a project

5.2.2. Edit Project details

5.2.3. Add new projects under a client account Notification to PM on Project allocation

5.2.4. Maintain project status (Open/close/ onhold)

5.2.5. Demand Forecasting reports to determine staffing needs

6. Resource Planning

6.1. Integration with HR system to obtain employee details

6.1.1. Continuous data sync with HR system and RM system

6.1.2. Obtain individuals skills and competency details

6.1.3. obtain individuals tier details

6.1.4. obtain employee leave information

6.2. Allocate Resource across projects

6.2.1. Staff Notifications to inform on Project allocations

6.3. View Resource Pool

6.3.1. View Practice wise resource pools

6.3.2. View individual resource profiles

6.3.3. Full Team visibility on a single Calendar

6.4. Add resources through CSV file upload/ database script

6.5. View resource allocation for a given period or a selected project

6.6. Edit resource allocations

6.7. Delete Resource allocations

6.8. Search Resources

6.8.1. Search by Name

6.8.2. Search by skill

6.8.3. Search by Tier

6.8.4. Search by Competency/ practice

6.8.5. search by joined date

6.9. Resource Booking/ Request Workflows

7. Reports

7.1. View Reports

7.2. Search Reports

7.3. Download Reports

7.4. Email Reports

7.5. Advance Reporting Features

7.5.1. Customizable Reports

7.5.2. Reports with Analytical Graphs

8. Document Management

9. Business Intelligence

9.1. Specify Bench resource margin and when exceeded notify management