Robert Snyder's Life Design

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Robert Snyder's Life Design by Mind Map: Robert Snyder's Life Design

1. Where I am at Today

1.1. I have involved myself in school organizations [Social, Intellectual, Occupational]

1.1.1. Devils Advocates

1.1.2. Arizona Global Health Project

1.2. I am working on advancing my position at work. [Occupational, Social]

1.3. I am working on being more financially independent. [Emotional, Occupational]

1.4. I am taking more than a full load at ASU (17 Credit Hours). [Occupational, Intellectual]

1.5. I am making home-cooked meals and limiting eating out.[Physical, Spiritual, Emotional]

2. Where I will be January, 2018

2.1. Be enrolled in a Radiology Technician program. [Intellectual, Occupational]

2.2. Begin a healthier lifestyle that is both beneficial to my health and financially beneficial. [Physical, Emotional]

2.3. Implement moments of spiritual focus practiced at least once a day. [Spiritual,Physical]

2.4. Begin a position on the board of Arizona Global Health Project as the marketing manager. [Occupational, Social, Intellectual]

2.5. Beginning my training as an Event Ambassador for TopGolf. [Occupational]

3. Where I will be May, 2018

3.1. Develop more relationships with individuals in Devil's Advocates and become a more involved member (Social, Occupational).

3.2. Finding a company to hire me as a Radiology Technologist (Occupational, Intellectual, Social)

3.3. Begin volunteering at Mayo Clinic (Social, Occupational, Spiritual).

3.4. Find time to take a week vacation to a new destination that I have yet to visit (Physical, Emotional, Spiritual).

3.5. Have complete training as an Event Ambassador (Occupational, Intellectual).

3.6. Begin saving at least $200 a month (Emotional, Physical).

4. Where I will be December, 2018

4.1. Begin working as a Radio-Tech (Intellectual, Occupational, Social).

4.2. Resume completing my Medical Studies degree at ASU (Occupational, Intellectual).

4.3. Have become more involved with Devils Advocates and Arizona Global Health Project (Social, Occupational).

4.4. Speak with a pre-health advisor to being preparing for the MCAT (Social, Intellectual, Emotional).

4.5. Find time in my busy schedule to implement breathing techniques to clear my mind and ease my stress.

5. Where I will be May, 2021

5.1. Interview with a Medical School or D.O. School (Occupational, Intellectual).

5.2. Refine my career in the Radio-Tech field (Social, Occupational).

5.3. Go on a Study Abroad (Intellectual, Social, Spiritual).

5.4. Connect with my ASU professors to receive letters of recommendations for Medical School.

5.5. Most importantly, make more time for my family.