Customer Service

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Customer Service by Mind Map: Customer Service

1. Communication

1.1. use their language

1.1.1. Speak to them like they speak

1.1.2. Treat them the way they prefer to be treated

1.2. Listening

1.2.1. Active Listening Confirm understand listen with empathy focus asking questions confirming sounds confirming body language body language that shows you are listening

1.3. Avoid

1.3.1. "try"

1.3.2. "do my best"

1.4. Magic Words

1.4.1. "you're right. I'm sorry."

1.4.2. "I'm going to make this right."

1.5. Non-business communications

1.5.1. compliment

1.5.2. find common ground

1.5.3. friendly chit chat

2. Attitude

2.1. Always be helpful and kind

2.2. Take responsibilitiy

2.3. Avoid "it's not my job"

3. Behaviours

3.1. 5 Love Languages

3.2. DWYSYWD (Do What You Say You Will Do)

3.3. Exceed expectations

3.4. Impress

3.5. Provide an experience

3.5.1. Go above and beyond

4. Resolving Conflicts

4.1. I understand

4.1.1. I would feel the same

4.1.2. I can see why you would feel that way

4.1.3. If I were you, I'd feel the same

4.2. de-escalate

4.3. Let me see how I can help

4.4. Master your physiology

4.4.1. take a deep breath

4.4.2. Prevent Diet exercise sleep meditation journaling living a drama-free life

4.5. Communicate

4.5.1. confirm decision

4.5.2. confirm next steps

4.5.3. tell them what is happening

4.6. Adjust and adapt