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Decide by Mind Map: Decide

1. Define the Problem During CWW OR a PE lesson you are asked to do an activity that you are afraid of . This is related to my Mental wellness. Since I always try to think positively in cases such as doing the activity that I am bad and afraid of doing it.

2. Explore the alternatives If I challenge myself by doing the activities that I am afraid to do , I will get very motivated and very happy after I do it, however if you fail at it, you might also get depressed at the fact that you have failed to do that activity.

3. 2. Or you can just give up . If you just think about the consequences that you will face after you fail at doing the activities , people might laugh at you and you can get into an actual sever depression.

4. What are my values? My values are respect , honesty, loyalty and kindness. Also my spiritual values are phillipians4:13 cause I am a christian.

5. My plan for the solution. Challenge course unit in P.E is coming up. I am usually very very scared of heights which made me not even try for the challenge course last year during p.e . However this year I am planning to try and challenge myself in the challenge course unit. I will try the high ropes. (Cat walk, spider web and the one rope) At the end of the Challenge course unit I would have completed all 3 of the high rope courses.

6. My decision worked out really well. I have completed 2 out of all 3 high rope courses. I feel really proud of myself and now I feel that i have more self confidence and trust. This made me learn more about myself. If I could do it again, I would probably also try for the cat walk, since I couldn't challenge due to the lack of time.