Ethan C's Decision Making Mind Map

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Ethan C's Decision Making Mind Map by Mind Map: Ethan C's Decision Making Mind Map

1. Evaluate the Results: Now that you have begun the plan and acted it out, it's time to find out the results. If you were able to be excused from the activity, then good for you since it's what you wanted in the first place. This ending won't really affect your life nor will it affect others around you since it's a personal issue. But something you can learn is that this could be a sign to start trying more things whether you like it or not. It may be the changing part of your life. And if you were given the option to do this all over again, you'll now know a lot better what the options are. On the other hand, though, there's still the ending where you are told to interact with the game. As I have said a few times before, you won't really affect anything, but now that you've done it, it's possible that you might actually enjoy it and that you'd like to do it again. This could really be something new you would learn about yourself. But then again, you might still not enjoy it and that's ok! It's just how you were made to be and no one can change that. Everyone is different in their own good and bad ways but it's how everyone handles each day! Just be happy with who you are and live the day with happiness. While even the smallest things might still bring you down, remember that tomorrow will always be a brighter day!

2. Decide and Act: Now that you have analyzed the possibilities, values, alternatives, etc, it's time to decide which is best for you or the plan you're going to follow. If you're going to try and avoid the activity, you should first of all tell the teacher why you feel uncomfortable and maybe something from the past that has happened to you which you can use to relate to the situation. If it's because of a personal value like stage fright, be sure to mention it too as it can not only help you, but also let your teacher learn more about you as a person. This will really help if any more upcoming events like this occur again. However if you do want to give it a shot, there isn't really a plan to make since all you need to do is play along and try your best to stay calm and understand that everyone else is trying to have fun and include one another.

3. Consider the Consequences: If you were given the opportunity to sit out of the game, then the problem is solved! You have nothing to fear and you can cheer for your group as they play the game. But if you're forced to play or in other words, aren't allowed to not play, who knows? There are two results to this option. The negative result is that you might still not like the game. The positive side, however, could lead to many good things such as you overcome your fear of it. You even might make a new friend or two or even discover something new you're good at!

4. Explore the Alternatives: While there isn't really anything you could do since it's a team building game and required, what you can still do is try and inform the teacher that you aren't comfortable with the game and perhaps why you're afraid. However if you still aren't allowed to sit it out, the least you could do is to try it and see what you think of it at the end.

5. Define the Problem: The dimensions of wellness in this situation are physical wellness because it requires you to do something like moving around, mental wellness because since you're afraid of doing it, you're also probably afraid of what people might think of you

6. During CWW OR a PE lesson you are asked to do an activity that you are afraid of (I chose CWW)

7. Identify Your Values: There aren't specifically any values that come to mind when encountering this situation. However what I usually face which others might face when this happens is that they can be frightened or in other words, stage fright. Other than that, I can't seem to think of anything else other than being frightened to do so.