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Software by Mind Map: Software

1. Application Software

1.1. Web Browser

1.1.1. Allows users to access and interact with software from any computer or devices that is connected to the internet Proprietary Internet Explorer Safari Open source software Mozilla Firefox Chrome

1.2. Word Processing Software

1.2.1. Allows users to create and manipulate documents Proprietary Microsoft office Word Pages (Apple) Open source software Writer KWord

1.3. Spreadsheet Software

1.3.1. Usage to create personal profiles, budget summaries, income satements or calculate students mark Proprietary Microsoft Office Excel Numbers (Apple) Open source softwarre Calc KCells

1.4. Database Software

1.4.1. Allows users to create, access and manage a database Proprietary Microsoft Office Access Oracle DB Open source software Base MariaDB

1.5. Presentation Software

1.5.1. Allows users to create visual aids for presentations to communicate ideas, messages and other information to a group Proprietary Microsoft Office Powerpoint Keynote (Apple) Open source software Impress Showcase

2. System Software

2.1. Operating System

2.1.1. Definition Set of program contain instruction together

2.1.2. Types of Operating System Stand-alone Operating System Proprietary software Open source software Server Operating System Proprietary softwarre Open source software Mobile Operating System Proprietary software Open source software

2.1.3. Function Of Operating System Start and Shutdown a Computer Provide auser interface Manage Program Manage Memory Establish an Internet Connection Monitor Performance Control a Network

2.2. Utility Program

2.2.1. Definition A type of system software that allow user to perform maintainance type task.

2.2.2. Types of Utility Program File manager ~Utility program that perform function related to file management Disk Cleanup ~Utility program that search and removes unnrcessary files Compression Tools ~Utility program that use to reduce a size of files Anti-Virus Program ~Utility prgram that protects the computer from the virus and remove virus found the computer Spyware Remover ~Utility program that detects and deletes spyware Disk Defragmenter ~Utility program that use to recognizes the files and unused space on computer hard disk so that the OS accesses data more quickly and programs run faster

3. Definition

3.1. Software is consists of a series of related instruction organized for a common purpose that tells the computer what tasks to perform and how to perform them