Ukrainian singing Tv shows

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Ukrainian singing Tv shows by Mind Map: Ukrainian singing Tv shows

1. The presenter doesn't choose singers in the street.

2. The singers can be soloists or perform as groups.

3. It's filmed in a studio.

4. It started in 2010.

5. the presenter- Ihor Kondratiuk, he and people chooses the best voice.

5.1. Audience are usually the judges.

5.2. People give money to the person they support.

5.3. Winner is a person who have the most money.

6. Independence Square in Kyiv

7. Karaoke on the Maidan

8. Vitalii Kozlovskyi won this show and Chance in 2003.

8.1. he is one of the most popular singers in Ukraine.

8.2. he sells over 100,000 albums a year.

9. X Factor