How to Build a Small Business

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How to Build a Small Business by Mind Map: How to Build a Small Business

1. Capacity and personal finance

1.1. - You need to emphasize to yourself and others that you have the energy and resources you need to build a business that is very important.

2. Business ideas

2.1. - When you have a good idea you will easily succeed

3. Products and services

3.1. - The product or service you provide is the decisive factor for your business.

4. Understand about market

4.1. Before you can do any sales or marketing activities, you need to determine which you want to focus on. Getting good marketing results requires you to understand the market and your customers

5. Sales strategy and marketing

5.1. - It is a powerful tool that helps you reach potential customers and draw attention to your products and services.

6. Company organization

6.1. You need to describe your company's day-to-day operations and care about the costs of organizing and operating your company

7. Grow your company

8. Budget- (Cost and revenue)

8.1. Budgeting also contributes to the realization of plans and helps you reevaluate and change plans if the budget proves that the plan is not feasible

9. Mobilization – Where you can Borrowing

9.1. The mobilization lies in the question, "How can I raise the capital needed to start my own business?"