Community Living York South (CLYS)

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Community Living York South (CLYS) by Mind Map: Community Living York South (CLYS)

1. Mission and Vision

1.1. Mission:Empower people with an intellectual disability to live, learn, work and participate in their community

1.2. Vision

1.2.1. Community Living York South believes in a society where everyone belongs

2. Equity, inclusion and awareness of cultural diversity

2.1. values people, team, community

2.2. board of directors support the discussion from topic B on culturally responsive pedagogy

2.2.1. for example, Stinder Lyall is a passionate advocate on behalf of individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. She is active in creating networks to support families, Chairperson of the Community Outreach Task Force, operates the Parent Network Social Group and currently, Stinder is active in developing York South Family Advocacy Groups

3. Services/programs for Ontario students and their families

3.1. Residential Day Supports Marketplace Learning Academy Family Initiatives Community Support Program ACT 4 Youth Respite

3.1.1. The Community Support Team assists over 1400 families in “bridging the gap” while on the wait list for services funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services.

3.1.2. Learning Academy offers educationally based day programming, with a focus on the practice and improvement of various literacy skills by combining classroom teaching with fun games and movement

3.1.3. Marketplace The Community Living York South Marketplace program provides a full range of educational, recreational and job related programs. Some of these eight or ten week courses teach skills that are geared towards independence-for example cooking and creating a personal budget. Other courses are social in nature such as the Social Club and Friends that Last. There are also courses geared towards physical fitness and well being. Through these courses Community Living York South is committed to providing quality programs that promote personal growth, social skills and physical fitness at a reasonable cost.

4. Access

4.1. Community Living York South is committed to working towards full compliance with all standards under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA) as they are introduced. We affirm our commitment to providing quality services in a manner that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.

5. resources

5.1. Community Living York South - Home