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PLCs by Mind Map: PLCs

1. Resources

1.1. Finding Time For Collaboration

1.1.1. Educational Leadership:Inventing New Systems:Finding Time for Collaboration

1.2. What is a PLC


2. Dangers

2.1. Initiative with Enthusisam

2.1.1. To Confusion To Implementation Issues Failure

3. Sustaining PLC Big Ideas

3.1. 1. Ensuring Students Learn

3.1.1. What do we want each student to learn?

3.1.2. How will we know they learned it?

3.1.3. How will we respond when a student experiences difficulty in learning? Timely Based on intervention rather than remediation Directive

3.2. 2. Culture of Collaboration

3.2.1. Collaboration for School Improvement Starts with individual and builds up from there Teamwork!

3.2.2. Removing Barriers to Success No Excuses (from teachers, admin, school board etc) Determination Perseverance

3.3. 3. A Focus on Results

3.3.1. DRIP Syndrom Data Rich/ Information Poor Results oriented PLC=turning data into useful+relevant info for staff

3.3.2. Continuel Improvement

4. Constraints

4.1. Time

4.2. Commitment

4.3. Road Blocks

4.4. Support

4.5. Resources

5. Group Interested in Education

5.1. Course Teams

5.2. School Committees

5.3. Department

5.4. Interdisciplinary

5.5. School Board

6. Hard Work and Commitment

6.1. Power of working together

6.2. Learning Rather than teaching

6.3. Work Collaboratively

6.4. Be Accountable

6.4.1. Fuel continual improvement

6.5. Even the grandest design translates into hard work!!