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Aksolotl by Mind Map: Aksolotl

1. As a User I can

1.1. add stylization

1.1.1. which is emergency. As a User on emergency outfit I can

1.1.2. which is public. As a User on public outfit I can

1.2. log in usign

1.2.1. our application OAuth2.

1.2.2. facebook.

1.2.3. Instagram.

1.2.4. Google.

1.3. create account by giving

1.3.1. username

1.3.2. gender

1.3.3. email

1.3.4. password

1.4. view others outfit

1.4.1. which are public so that I can leave a comment. like the photo. save to my 'wardrobe'. skip without judge. judge as nice. go to outfit owner profile. report to administration.

1.4.2. which are emergency so that I can leave a comment. like the photo. dislike the photo. report to administration.

1.5. setup my profile.

1.5.1. As a User in my profile I can set profile photo. my description. change password. change gender [FUTURE]. change email.

1.6. see my saved outfits which

1.6.1. are belongs to me (public and emergency also).

1.6.2. created by someone else.