It's a SHOE-mall world after all

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It's a SHOE-mall world after all by Mind Map: It's a SHOE-mall world after all


1.1. indoor

1.1.1. Ice Skating Figure Skating Equipment Basics of Skating Hockey Skating Equipment Basics of Ice Hockey

1.1.2. Basketball Equipment Basketball Shoes Basketball Basics of Basketball Shooting Guarding Passing

1.1.3. Bowling Equipment Bowling Shoes Bowling Gloves Bowling Ball Basics of Bowling Stance Aim/Approach Release

1.2. outdoor

1.2.1. Soccer/Football Equipment Basics of Soccer

1.2.2. Tennis Equipment Basics of Tennis

1.2.3. Golf Equipment Basics of Golf


2.1. Eastern

2.1.1. Philippines Bakya Alfombra

2.1.2. India Padukas Khussa

2.1.3. Japan Geta Fukagutsu

2.1.4. China Manchu Platform Shoes Binding Shoes

2.1.5. Turkey Nalin

2.2. Western

2.2.1. Spain Espadrilles Flamenco Shoes

2.2.2. America Moccasins Combat Boots Cowboy Boots Iñupiat Sneakers

2.2.3. France Sabots