Technology Appropriate for Junior Grades

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Technology Appropriate for Junior Grades by Mind Map: Technology Appropriate for Junior Grades

1. Dr. Cathy Bruce - The Benefits and Challenges: Learning and Technology

2. Embedding the use of technological tools into teaching, learning and assessment supports the development and demonstration of conceptual understanding.

3. My students improved in creating complete solutions to math problems with this app. I love the feature where students can comment on each other's answers. Example:

4. When integrated properly, Virtual Math Tools and Whiteboard applications have many benefits as mentioned in the research monograph on Technology in the Mathematics Classroom: " The Interactive Whiteboard provides (a) visually dynamic support for the illustration of complex mathematics; (b) opportunities for shared student reasoning, including the use of IWB tools to justify and consolidate ideas and to debate multiple student solutions; and (c) opportunities to increase student agency and risk-taking. As the use of IWBs expands into more classrooms across the country, teachers are also expanding their range of IWB-related practices. These practices have the ability to support both academically successful and struggling math students."

5. Reviews of Math Apps

6. Dream Box provides individual adaptive activities. Students engage in learning with interactive manipulatives. With DreamBox, students explore, reason, make connections and develop critical thinking and problem solving strategies. My students loved using dreambox during our pilot at my school. Virtual manipulatives are an integral part of each activity.

7. Virtual Math Manipulatives All in One App

8. Technology infused class - Teachers become learners alongside the students.

9. Increases the complexity of tasks

10. Technology builds collaboration.

11. Techonology builds technical skills.

12. We need to be thoughtful about the use of technology to make it work for everyone.