Arteaga Quality Culture

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Arteaga Quality Culture by Mind Map: Arteaga Quality Culture

1. Quality Culture Survey

1.1. Stablish a baseline

1.1.1. After this we probably modify intitiative with the needs

1.2. Make an evaluation after 6M

1.2.1. Yo know the impact

2. Plant identity

2.1. We stablished a plant logo competition (in progress)

2.2. Ones we have plant logo we can have an initiative logo too

3. Quality Guides

3.1. Stablished Quality guides to be repeative at the begining of all meetings in plant, just after Safety guides

4. Leadership Training

4.1. Use New Lear leadership model

4.2. Use TED Talks material (leadership)

4.3. Invest in weekly sessions of 30 minutes with administrative people as a biggining

5. Quality Hero

5.1. Start recognizing outstanding quality performance as part of your system to encourage all people to perform better and better all days.

6. Outstanding behaivor recognizing

6.1. Same as Quality Hero purpose of this is recognize all excelent performance in every aspect of the plant, not just Quality.

7. Quality week

7.1. Plant already have it scheduled

7.2. Help them with Hermosillo material

8. CI and Kaizen

8.1. Start asap

8.1.1. Safety

8.1.2. Ergo

8.1.3. Quality

8.1.4. Efficiency

9. One to One interviews

9.1. Start asap specially with supervisor level

10. Quality and Customer Campaign

10.1. All plant needs to consciense in Quality and the impact of bad Quality and by focus in customer (internal and external).

11. Quality Tools Training

11.1. All plant need this Training

12. Stamping Process

12.1. Need a basic Training for all

13. Weekly 20-minutes Training

13.1. All weeks/ All people

13.2. Training in:

13.2.1. Safety

13.2.2. Health

13.2.3. Quality

14. Quality Meeting in Floor

14.1. Daily Focus Action Meeting

14.2. Weekly PPM Meeting

14.3. Discipline

15. UETs

15.1. Start planning to implement it

15.2. Already have a good base, just need to debug it