Immigrant Working Centre (IWC)

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Immigrant Working Centre (IWC) by Mind Map: Immigrant Working Centre (IWC)

1. Additional information

1.1. Careers

1.1.1. They employ interpreters, Early Childhood Educators, Settlement workers, administration, and management personal

1.2. Volunteer

1.2.1. They offer flexible and ongoing opportunities to volunteers Opportunities include: Fundraising Computer lab support and supervision Computer skills instructor Program support Tutoring Teaching assistance Care to Newcomer Children Assistant Writing for Unpack Magazine Leadership (Board of Directors and Advisory Committees)

1.3. Benefits

1.3.1. There is an increase in provisions for families

1.3.2. Higher rates of employment and overall benefit to the economy

1.3.3. Better communication and opportunities for members of the community

1.3.4. Increased access to healthcare and other resources

1.3.5. Increase in overall mental health for all those invloved

1.3.6. Increased understanding: regarding culture, social norms, resources and more on behalf of newcomers of newcomers, their culture, traditions, and way of life on behalf of Canadians

1.3.7. The creation of a more inclusive and understanding population

2. Services/Programs

2.1. Families

2.1.1. The IWC offers an extensive amount of programs to help newcomers receive training in English, help them acquire jobs, find housing, and make connections within the community. Listed below are many of the services provided to help families. and just a small idea of what each service provides.

2.1.2. LINC- Language Instruction for Newcomers in Canada Learn to read, write, and speak English 7 levels of English are taught to newcomers over 18 years of age

2.1.3. Intense Communication for Work assistance Teaches people how to write resumes, use proper grammar, Skype interviews, etc.

2.1.4. Work ready programs Helps in three work areas Construction Manufacturing and the food industry

2.1.5. Job Search Workshops One-on-one job coaching Personal interview preparation

2.1.6. Hamilton New Comers Club Once a month families can get together and meet other families to make connections, network, and find a place of belonging.

2.1.7. Orientation and Settlement Services Help Families connect to community resources, translate and fill out forms, and assist with housing, healthcare and more.

2.2. Students

2.2.1. When their parents are safe and secure and have access to resources the students' community involvement increases.

2.2.2. The more integrated the families are the more accepted the students are.

2.2.3. The resources allow teachers and schools to better communicate with families and work toward the progress of the student.

2.2.4. When the parents learn the skills their children are gaining they are better able to understand and help their child(ren) succeed.

2.3. Assessment

2.3.1. Accountable to the board of directors

2.3.2. Release an annual report that is open to the puplic

3. Equality, inclusion, Awareness of Cultural Diversity

3.1. Welcoming

3.1.1. The purpose of the IWC is emmersed in the fact that we are different and yet the same. Though we come from different areas and backgrounds we are all entitled to a fair chance in life and the IWC makes this a reality for many people

3.1.2. By welcoming new Canadians and supporting their transition into Hamilton the IWC is extremely accepting and dedicated to helping those in need.

3.1.3. Their focus on community engagement and meetings allows individuals to share their cultural identify in a supportive environment. Their is also an opportunity for newcomers to better understand the culture they are thrust in to in order to build understanding for all involved.

3.1.4. Website uses members of the community and addresses real-world issues.

3.2. Accessable

3.2.1. Offer in person and online support in 16 languages

3.2.2. Have multiple locations around the city

3.2.3. Provide a very interactive and informative website

3.2.4. Offer services to the blind and accommodate for other disabilities

4. Visions and goals

4.1. Misson Statement

4.2. Goals

4.2.1. To help newcomers get settled into a new culture by providing assistance with housing, job acquisition, and connecting them to community services

4.2.2. They work with individuals and families to ensure they are successful upon their arrival in Hamilton, On. and thereafter by providing support, breaking down the language barrier, and creating long term settlement plans with immigrant families.

5. "The IWC was formed in 1988 by the synergy of grassroots refugee groups and the support of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Hamilton as an informal response to the needs of hundreds of refugees arriving from Central America during the 1980s. Our emphasis at that time was to assist with immediate needs including temporary shelter and provisions, orientation to the community and search for employment. This grassroots, community-based association eventually evolved into a multi-ethnic and multi-service providing organization, focusing on the specific needs of immigrants and refugees. The services are designed to support the settlement and advancement of newcomers in the areas of employment, education, skills training, and the growth and development of their children aged 6 and under."

5.1. Included in their mission statement is the following: They are 'an equality seeking, anti-racist, charitable organization dedicated to the social, political and economic inclusion of refugee and immigrants in a just and supportive Canadian society. Our Centre is committed to enabling refugees and immigrants to discover and build their new futures through skills development and settlement support.'