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App by Mind Map: App

1. Onboarding

1.1. Choose topics that I'm interested in

1.2. Login with Facebook or twitter

1.3. Listen to a sample audio before using the app

1.4. Ask users to import from data from other podcasts apps if they're frequent listeners

1.5. Suggest podcasts they might listen to based on the topics they've selected

2. Discovery

2.1. Search for podcasts and episodes

2.2. Custom feed of episodes and friends activities

2.3. Ability to collect episodes from the feed to a sample playlist

3. Sharing

3.1. Ability to share previous listenings, and favorites, and personal curations

3.2. Ability to invite friends to join the app

3.3. Ability to share an episode to one person or a group of people

4. Personalization

4.1. Ability to upvote and downvote episodes

4.2. Ability to support a profile page that has users listenings and episodes collections

5. Retention

5.1. Bring users back with notifications to accomplish more discovery, resume listening, check friends activity ...etc